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Nepal – The Struggle of Peasants for Land and Revolution

Posted by hetty7 on December 17, 2011

This article originally appeared in the English version of The Red Star, a voice of the Revolutionary forces within the UCPN (M).

Peasants, Seized Land and Act of Returning

Dharmendra Bastola “Com. Kanchan”

{We got opportunity to talk with Com. Kanchan in the capital city Kathmandu when he was just returned from Bardia and Kailali yesterday. Bardia and Kailali are the districts where most of the landless , homeless and the poor peasants dwell. Com. Prachanda was ordering and requesting at the same time in ambiguous tone to the peasants and the local administration at a time before two weeks there. Com. Kanchan was directly observing the activities and was participating to solve the problem of land. Presence of Com. Prachanda ,protest  of the peasants and activities of the local administration along with the local new-vigilantes were being moving like the rill of a film in his mind, which his body language showed, when we were asking responding our questions.)

Ground Reality

Peasants People are very much unhappy. That is because the government was supposed to make a settlement for those people who were landless, homeless and poor. However, the government did  not do that. The main question is that the government is dragging back itself from its commitment.  Specially, our party and specially our party leadership is dragging back, shrinking back from its commitment because it is not  applying what agreement or commitment was made before the people. It has done so many agreements between the then government and the party and among the political parties. According to the agreements and understandings that were committed, what had to be done was that the government should take land under the authority of the state and distribute it to the landless, homeless and the poor people.

Maoist should have given seized land to the government and it had to be distributed to the people afore mentioned under the provision of scientific land reform. But what happened  is that without making settlement or solving the problem of distributing land to the landless peasants implementing scientific land reform, the government now is unilaterally ordering the local mechanisms of the state to suppress the peassants and removing them from the land they are tilling.

This is quite frustrating to the peasants. Therefore, peasants are reacting very furiously and intensely.  They are in the mood of resistance against the government.

Principle and Political Aspect

However, a unilateral rumour is being spread among the people: that is only one faction of UCPN (Maoist) is against the agreement for returning land. To go into this propaganda, we should pay our attention towards the principle and the political aspects of the question of land. One thing what is true is that revolutionary faction unified under the umbrella of com. Kiran is raising the issue very seriously. This is one fact.

But the other comrades are not just abandoning their previous agendas; they, rather, are just making hand wash  from the problem. They are just escaping out of the contradiction. Because of that, they have been capitulating on the one hand, and they have been kneeling down before the bourgeoisie. It is very unatural and unfortunate. But at the same time they are accusing revolutionaries with different blames.

However, what the reality is that the central committee has never done any decision to hand over the land to the landlords without a proper settlement of the peasants. The other thing is that even those comrades who are now advocating in favour of handing over the land to the landlords in the pretext that they are returning the land to the owners and not to the landlords. But in practice, they are returning land to the landlords. They are spreading rumour that Kiran faction is creating obstacles on the way.

The other fact is that if the entire party gives up the problem that is related to distributing land for solving the problems. Nepalese peasants will not stop seizing land or revolting against the government which is in favour of landlords and the bourgeoisie. It is because land itself in the present moment is the major means of production. The main means of production is in the hand of bureaucrat capitalist. The people are lagging behind in the economic sector. That is the obstacle for the progress of this country. In this context, peasants will be forced to create another type of struggle. Even in the entire parties and the capitalists kneel down in front of the feudalists and the bureaucrats. It is hard to solve the problem. This makes the politics unstable. The accusations of the other political parties over the revolutionary have this type of background.

Struggles of Peasant Can Spread Nationwide

Definitely the struggle of the peasants will spread nationwide. Why it will, there are some objective and subjective reasons behind it. If the government which is under our party leadership plays the role of anti-people, in that context, people will struggle against the role of the government. Revolutionary faction is always with people and it is in the interest of the people. It is always in the interest of the peasants, workers and the landless and homeless poor. In that context, it is ready to take any necessary step in the country. Revolutionaries are always ready to ensure the right of the peasants as well as other marginalized, minorities and the castes and the ethnicities. If government is coming down with the state instrument to suppress the masses of people, in that context, it will be necessary to protest against the government thoiugh the government is under the leadership of our party.

Struggle for Scientific Land Reform

First of all this is not the question of going against the government. This government is formed under the leadership of our party. Our  Vice-Chairman Com Baburam Bhattarai is Prime Minister. However, some mistakes are happening one after the other. For example, 4-point agreement with Madheshi parties, which is a sort of surrender to India. That is wrong. The agreement of Bilateral Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (BIPPA) is the continuation of it. That is the consequence of that 4-point agreement. BIPPA is the second materialized for of surrender because it is selling of the soil of a sovereign country Nepal to India. Consequently, what is happening is that the People’s Liberation Army has been dissolved from the side of capitulationists. However, it will never be dissolved until and unless the country will be freed.  But they have declared to be dissolved.

In this contest, what the revolutionaries in our party should believe that the struggle is not going against the government. What is going to do is to rectify the mistakes that have happened. Our aim should be to complete the revolution. We have to solve the principle contradiction of the country.

The second point is the struggle for scientific land reform so far, It is because the scientific land reform has been agreed even by the parliamentary parties as well as our party. If the government does not rectify the mistakes that are committed before, then the struggle of the peasants may raise to different level. It is not predictable. However, it will depend on the treatment  of the government.

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