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Poem from Nepal: ” I Greet You with a Red Salute”

Posted by hetty7 on December 18, 2011

This poem appeared in the English version of The Red Star, a voice of the Revolutionary forces within the UCPN (M).

It is from an anthology,  Poems of the People’s War, published by Ichchhuk Cultural Academy.


Salute Jelwang – Krishna Sen “Ichchhuk”

November 25, 2011

Jelwang 1

Standing on the peak on the top of Lalbhanjyang 2

I’m looking far away

Towards the horizon of liberation

The high hills of sovereignty look

Standing straight silent for the mourning

In respect to the five great warriors right now

The solitary but restless hamlets, hills and plains

Are unified in the procession

Of endless journey to liberation

The deep devoted contemplation

The conscience of progression.

I look with sensibility

At all directions

Recalling the painful stories of the people

I can’t control myself, and cry

Like the red morning

The horizon in each side

Looks red-red deep dazzling red

A novel emotional image of a liberated land

Stands like a firm pillar of iron and rock

Not scared of anything

Jaimakasala, seram and Tewang 3

Shine like the sharp edge of a sword

Transfigured into new forms

As the heroes of the red class-struggle

Our Mirul and Thawang 4

Where there’s blazing

The fresh fire of innovative people’s war

Persistent and the novel history

Of embryonic new era is being written

In those novel page

Reading the new history of the people’s war

Standing on the peak of Lalbhanjyang

Like the martyr gate of your bed

I’m blazing warm fire

In my bosoms

The turbulent rays of the new time

Like a womb of fire in the red-red horizon

In an unyielding determination

I’m nurturing the determination of a new era.

The hills are not mere hills now

They are red warriors

The jungles are not jungles now

They are mass of people’s army

The villages are unified

In the camps of retaliation

On this peak of the land

Everest 5 is glowing as red flags.


Standing on the peak of Lalbhanjyang,

Once a locked jail is now

An open trench of revolution like the first chautari 6 of operation

Standing at the crevice of this new epoch

I greet you with a red salute

Oh red armies of the grand battlefield

I offer you the red salute

The red salute of ultimate victory.

(Kalam 17, 2054 B.S.)

1) Name of the place in Rolpa district, also popular as historical palace of People’s War, where five Maoist cadres got martyrdom.

2) The plain area in the hill where people wait to take rest for a while taking off their loads. Here, Labhanjyang  also refers to the martyrs Lai Bahadur after home the pass was named.

3. The villages of Rolpa district where People’s War was more vibrant.

4. The villages of Rolpa district where people’s war was more vibrant.

5) The Mt. Everest, the highest mountain that lies in Nepal at the northern Nepal-China border.

6) A public space under banyan trees where people gather to take rest or conduct public gatherings.

One Response to “Poem from Nepal: ” I Greet You with a Red Salute””

  1. JHP said

    This is a poem of deep suffering but also of courage and determination, to work for liberty of the people so long held in oppression, drawing inspiration from the land itself, its strength and beauty. It is a call to a passion for freedom, to be shared and defended by all whose lives have been obstructed by power not held by the people, it is a bold assertion of the ‘red salute’ that will give dignity and meaning to the struggle ahead. Let’s hope that current and future generations will keep up this struggle, not forgetting the sacrifice of those who went before.
    J.H. Prynne
    Cambridge, England

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