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Maoists in France: Long Live the Revolution in Nepal!

Posted by redpines on December 27, 2011

Revolution in South Asia is republishing the following statement about the current line struggle in Nepal.

Long live the revolution in Nepal !

Organisation communiste marxiste-leniniste – Voie proletarienne (France)

Communist Organization — Proletarian Way (France)

Two years ago, in December 2009, we stated: “In Nepal, that’s are the Maoists (the United Communist Party of Nepal – Maoist) who won the support of the majority of the population and organized the popular uprising that has made down with the monarchy. Today, at their initiative, a new wave of popular uprisings has just begun in the country to eliminate the power the bourgeoisie which is still powerful in the economy, the government and the army, especially since it has strong support from the superpowers, Indian neighbor in the first place. In the complex situation of a tiny semi-feudal surrounded country, in the debate and the fight of the day, the Maoists of Nepal have to advance the democratic revolution. “

Two years later, it is clear that the revolution has stalled. The line struggle in the party was unable to decide clearly between the two ways of the democratic revolution, the path made of bourgeois legalism, parliamentarism and compromise with feudalism and imperialism and the proletarian way, with popular mobilization for land reform, national independence and democratic rights. The search for unity through compromise, not by democratic centralism, has crippled the party and spared its rightists leaders.

Become, in the elections of the Constituent Assembly in April 2008, the most important political force in the country, then at the head of government for nine months, the UCPN(M) was in danger of opportunism. All who wants a role, a place, benefits, have tried to make the party their instrument.

On September 1st and November 1st 2011, proponents of the bourgeois way in the party have signed government’s agreements, providing in particular the surrender of weapons of the People’s Liberation Army. Moreover, lands distributed to poor farmers should be return to land-lords, and Workers should observe a “social peace” for four years. This is no more the legitimate debate about the best way to put forward the revolution, is it now a struggle between those who want to continue and those who want to abandon it. It is no more just a line struggle, it is class struggle! These are workers, peasants and people’s soldiers who are attacked. Their weapons, lands, and the the right to strike are taking back. On the other hand, the new government is in very good terms with India, and the struggle for national independence seems abandoned.

This betrayal of the revolution has caused strong reactions of many revolutionary leaders in the party. Protests were held across the country. Poor farmers, laborers and workers, youth and women, national minorities and despised castes want the revolution! Under the leadership of those who, in the Maoist party, rejected the bourgeoise way, they will advance in the democratic revolution, to the rejection of capitalism. They rely on their alliance with the Maoists of India. They remain at the vanguard of world revolution! OCML-VP supports them. They are our comrades in struggle!

On December 5th 2011,

Marxist-Leninist Communist Organization – Proletarian Way (France)

One Response to “Maoists in France: Long Live the Revolution in Nepal!”

  1. siva said

    Nepal’s revolution needs more such words of encouragement from fraternal organisations,

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