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Nepal: New class struggle in the countryside?

Posted by redpines on December 29, 2011

During the people’s war (1996-2006), Maoist cadres in Nepal confiscated thousands of acres of land from rich landowners and distributed it to poor peasants. In November of 2011,  an agreement reached between UCPN(M) leaders Prachanda and Bhattarai and several bourgeois parties aimed to reverse the land distribution. Article 6 of that seven-point agreement stated:

The UCPN (Maoist) would take an official decision to return the private and public properties seized by the party during the armed conflict to the rightful owners for their use by Nov 23. Due compensations would be paid to the owners for the loss caused by the seizure of properties.

Reportedly, much of the land was indeed returned to its owners. But now, it seems revolutionary Maoist cadres are again confiscating the land and returning it to the people. Though this article is from the bourgeois press and may be inaccurate, it reflects similar incidents reported elsewhere. It originally appeared at The Himalayan Times.

Baidhya faction cadres recapture land in Udayapur

December 28, 2011

UDAYAPUR: The local supporters of Baidhya faction have recaptured the four-and-a-half bighas of land belonging to Gajaraj Tated in Jogidaha VDC-1 of Udayapur district on Wednesday.

Gajaraj Tated, who hails from Rajbiraj, Saptari district, had got his land back following the seven-point agreement reached among the major political parties.

The land has been recaptured by the local cadres following the meeting of the Baidhya faction yesterday evening.

According to our Udayapur-based reporter Shyam Rai, the cadres have distributed the land among 150 people for building huts.

The police personnel, however, intervened the land seizure move, broke down the constructed huts and chased the land squatters away, said police.

Gajaraj Tated is the brother of Minister for Environment Hem Raj Tated.

One Response to “Nepal: New class struggle in the countryside?”

  1. Patrick said

    Of course the police evicted the people off the land. The reactionary government is trying to fight back the revolutionary people of Nepal who will not return to their old way of life quietly. I wish the Baidhya faction luck in either taking over the UCPN(M) and thus power in the party or establishing another, new revolutionary party to further carry out the revolution, which is not over in Nepal. Nepal can once again be a shining example to the world’s oppressed proletariat and peasantry for real revolutionary change.

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