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Nepal: Reactionary parties oppose Maoist land legalizations

Posted by redpines on January 21, 2012

According to the following article, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) are legalizing land transactions that occurred during the People’s War period (1996-2006). It seems likely that many of these transactions involved the distribution or confiscation of land held by wealthy peasants. Nepal’s bourgeois parties seem bitterly opposed to this process, uniting to call the decision ‘autocratic’. The article originally appeared at myrepublica.

Maoists set to leaglise 5‚000 war time transactions

January 19, 2012

The “People’s Government” formed by Maoists during the decade-long insurgency had certified some 5,000 land transactions in the Salyan district alone, and the incumbent Maoist-led government is all set to implement it legally.

The all-party mechanism coordinated by Maoist Secretary Tikaram Oli had sent the records approved by the Maoist People’s Government in the district to the Land Reform Ministry through the District Land Revenue Office one year ago.

“We had passed the lands to give relief to the people during people’s war. We are waiting for the implementation of the government decision to recognize them”, Oli said.

As per the government’s decision, District Land Revenue offices have to endorse any land transaction or division of property in a family if it was certified by Maoists’ so-called People’s Government.

Although scores of locals have taken land ownership certificates from the Land Revenue Office with the end of Maoist insurgency, the Maoist, however, said less than 30 percent have taken them.

“They have been given the land ownership certificate and we too have the xerox,” he said.

At a time when opposition parties have been demanding government to pull out the decision to legalize war time transactions, Oli warned if the legal recognition of the deal is not implemented, the farmers will rebel.

Most of war time transactions were conducted in Bafukhola, Shivarath and Bame VDCs as they were Maoist base areas during the conflict.

2 Responses to “Nepal: Reactionary parties oppose Maoist land legalizations”

  1. siva said

    Bhattarai may be right-deviationist, but not a fool. This is a small price to pay for the big programe of betraying the revolutionary cause.
    The question is whether the rivals for power in parliament would stomach even this small gesture to save the neck of the Dahal-Bhattarai camp from a potential revolt within the UCPN-M, and, of course, give some stability to the Bhattarai regime.
    Probably, the “big brother” across the border will help Bhattarai to hold to power until the UCPN-M is totally discredited in the eyes of the people, after which the D-B combo can be ditched, if they do not become irrelevant.

  2. mohan said

    i think bhatttarai is a good prime minister, and he is popular. I hope all the different communist parties in nepal, UML and Maoists, unite in one big party led by bhattarai. I think the tag maoism is largely discredited now in nepal, and people do not trust anyone that wants to go back to war. it seems obvious that war is not the way to change society, and china is hardly communist these days, USSR does not exist, north korea is not a good model to follow. how can a little country like nepal, with no coastline, realistically do a communist revolution? clearly impossible. india can just snap its fingers and there is no electricity in nepal. even the naxals have been in the jungle for some 50 years with not too much to show for it. Prachand and bhattarai did the best thing they could do by joining mainstream politics instead of fighting a completely unwinnable war. of course things are not perfect, but what is? politics is the art of the possible, not of the impossible. Prachand hit the nail on the head when he talked about the ‘ outdated tactics of the chinese revolution’, and it is quite obvious that kiran faction have no plan whatsoever, which is why they are supporting prachand again.

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