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Nepal – The Resistance of the Dalits and Dreams of a New Nepal

Posted by hetty7 on January 24, 2012

The introduction is from an interview Winter Has Its End journalists , Eric Ribellarsi and Jim Weill, did in Nepal with Tilak Pariyar, Chairman of the Dalit National Liberation Front of Nepal, an organization associated with the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)The title of this interview is Dalit Dreams of a New Nepal.

ER: Can you start by explaining what it means to be a Dalit in Nepal?

Dalits are a community within the Hindu religion, based off the caste system. The caste system was brought here by India, and it has been spread all over the South Asian countries. People have been divided up into castes. The laboring classes have been treated as lower class people.

Laboring people have been called “untouchables”. It means that if you touch a laboring person, you will become impure. This system was adopted by the government, as well, which created all of these laws based off of the caste system. And this has been continuing in our society for about 3000 years. The laboring people are forgotten by this system. For this reason the Dalits have gathered in one party, the Maoist Party, the one party that wants to change society.”

The following article is from myrepublica, and is an example of the militant resistance of many of Nepal’s Dalits. 

Dalits Shut Down Palpa, Obstruct Highway


Palpa, Dec. 27: A Dalit organization in Palpa has called for a strike in Palpa district on Tuesday protesting the murder of Manbir Sunar.

Sunar was thrashed to death by locals in Jubitha-4, Kalikot for intruding into a kitchen of non-Dalit a few days ago.

The strike enforcers are demanding Sunar to be declared a martyr, due compensation to deceased family and stern action against the guilty.

United Dalit Struggle Committee has called for the strike and have shut all academic institutions, marketplaces and shops of the district.

Transportation services have come to a grinding halt. The strike enforcers have been rallying on the road since morning to ensure a total shutdown.

Meanwhile various Dalit organizations have disrupted transportation services in Damauli on Tuesday protesting the manhandling of a Dalit woman.

The Dalit communities have vowed to carry on with their protest until a stern action is taken against the culprits.

Maya Biswakarma, 27 of Nahala, Ghasikuwa-1 , Tanahun was beaten severely  by Ajit Shrestha and his family accusing her of touching a bucket of a non-dalit on Sunday.

Biswakarma  is undergoing treatment at Ratnahari Hospital in Damauli. She has sustained severe injuries in her face, neck and hands.

All transports along with the passengers have been stranded on the road since morning.

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