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Nepal – Local Residents Grab Cooking Gas off Truck

Posted by hetty7 on February 8, 2012

This article speaks for itself. In Nepal there is an acute shortage of  cooking gas and fuel which  people need to stay alive. Part of the problem is due to lack of supplies from the Indian Oil Company. One outcome of this situation might be that Nepal reduces its reliance on Indian exports.

This is from nepalnews.

Cooking Gas Shortage: Locals Grab Gas Cylinders

Feb 2, 2012: Local residents of Sallaghari in Bhaktapur grabbed cooking gas cylinders from a vehicle which was bound to Kathmandu from Kavre as the valley reels under acute gas shortage of the cooking gas.They took a TATA Mobile loaded with 280  cylinders of Himal gas under control and forced the driver and the workers to distribute the cylinders to them after they received the information that the vehicle was carrying LPG cylinders to Kathmandu.

Some cylinders were lost due due to the uncontrolled crowd though the locals had Rs. 1415 per cylinder.

Police had escorted other two vehicles loaded with gas cylinders to the District Administration Office Bhaktapur after the locals  tried to take the vehicles under control.

According to Nepal Oil Corporation (NOC) officials, the cooking gas shortage has deepened after the Indian Oil Corporation (IOC) failed to supply gas as per the demand due to its own problem.

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