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Interview with Arundhati Roy – Revolutionary Journalists Needed

Posted by hetty7 on February 12, 2012

This is a lightly edited transcript of an interview conducted by Manav Bushan for Free Speech Debate in January 2012.

India does gain a lot of brownie points from appearing to be a democracy, which is why nobody says half as much about Kashmir as they will about Tibet or about the uprising in the Middle East. So when major media start reporting very enthusiastically about one uprising and keeps very quiet about another, you have to work it out – why is it happening? What’s the story here?”

This is from freespeechdebate

Arundhati Roy on National Security and the Indian Media

The award-winning Indian novelist and activist speaks to Manav Bhushan about the limits to free speech in India, including government censorship through the media and “good squads”.

MB: Do you think there should be any restrictions on the freedom of speech, justified on the grounds of national security, public order or morality?

AR: No. I am completely against any restrictions. Once you have restrictions, they lend themselves to interpretation and the interpretations will always favour the state or the powers that be. So I am completely against any restrictions. Read the rest of this entry »

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