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Young Communist League Padlocks Party Offices in West Nepal

Posted by hetty7 on February 14, 2012

The following  is from Kasama’s – Nepal’s Crossroads – Without a People’s Army, the People Have Nothing.

Any attempt to consolidate Nepal’s changes at this point – without the clear subordination of the Nepal Army, without a revolutionary army representing the people’s interests, without carrying out revolutionary land reform, without Nepal taking a historic turn toward real independence from India, without adapting a socialist approach to production, without freeing the country from dependence on world capitalism – would represent a resolution of Nepal’s revolution far short of the liberation the people need. It would inevitably involve consolidating forms of oppression and exploitation that are extreme and intolerable. It would mean the replacement of great hope with feelings of betrayal and disappointment.

The continued existence and active resistance of powerful revolutionary forces – within the UCPNM, the People’s Liberation Army and deep among the people – mean that preparations may well go forward for the creation of a people’s democratic republic and for the defeat of organized reactionary forces.”

In relation to the article below, these quotes give a broader context for the current mixture of despair and hope YCL members must be experiencing after they were officially liquidated as a force. But as the article shows, there is still plenty of “active resistance” in Nepal, from ex-YCL members, to the People’s Volunteers, to militant cadres in the countryside, Kathmandu and elsewhere.

This article is from

YCL Members Lock Party Offices in West Nepal

Dil Bahadur Chhatyal

Dhangadi, Feb. 6: Members of the Maoist Young Communist League (YCL) on Monday locked the party’s offices in western Nepal for “depriving” them of financial packages on par with PLA personnel as promised by the party leadership back in 2007.

The offices of nine district committees of the Maoist Party as well as the Tharuwan and Seti-Mahakali stsate committees have been closed indefinitely.

The disgruntled YCL members have felled a tree across the road just two kilometers from the Maoist Seventh Division at Talband to block vehicular movement and also cut power supply to the cantonment in an attempt to block the voluntary retirement process.

They have announced that they will boycott all party programs, prevent party central committee (CC) members from visiting the western region of the country and seize the vehicles and property of party leaders  and PLA commanders.

Meanwhile, irate YCL members took over the vehicles of party leaders Lilamani Pokharel, Hai Bhakta Kandel and Maheshwar Gaha for two hours at Mahendranagar in Kanchanpur, Monday afternoon and released them only later.

Back in 2007, the party had picked out promising members of the PLA and formed the combative YCL in a bid to foment an urban insurrection for state capture.

“Two brigades of PLA personnel were sent out of the cantonments by the party leadership and PLA commanders to ensure the victory of the party during the CA elections,” YCL central committee (CC) member Lalit Thapa said,  adding “The party had promised to treat us on par with those remaining in the cantonments but it did not (keep its word).”

Thapa claimed that 363 PLA members including himself were taken out of their batallion and made members of the YCL.

“They assured us that it would make no difference even if we didn’t participate in the UNMIN verification process,” he lamented, and said the YCL members were compelled to launch the protest after the party failed to live up to its word.

Just before sending their combatants into the cantonments in 2007, the Maoists had picked out the promising PLA personnel and directed them to work for the YCL with a view to fomenting an urban insurrection for stte capture. The Maoists also rounded up local youth from across the country to fill up the cantonments.

Issuing a statement, the protesters have demanded PLA identity cards, rehabilitation for physically disabled YCL members, relief packages on par with the PLA, and integration into the Nepal Army (NA) among other things.

They said they will hold talks with any leader other than PLA chief Nanda Kishor Pun and the coordinator  of the Special Committee, which is headed by Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai. The YCL members have also stated they will launch an indefinite general strike in western Nepal from Feb. 13th.

5 Responses to “Young Communist League Padlocks Party Offices in West Nepal”

  1. I don’t understand why you put this intro next to the story from MyRepublica. The intro. implies there are all these vast numbers of militants in Nepal still on the verge of making revolution-more than 5 years after the revolutionary base areas were disbanded. All the article is saying is that some members of the now virtually defunct YCL want some sort of compensation for being betrayed by their leaders.

    I think this line of wishful thinking is really holding us back from acknowledging our mistakes regarding Nepal and learning to do better in future.

  2. siva said

    The Introduction only said:
    “The continued existence and active resistance of powerful revolutionary forces – within the UCPNM, the People’s Liberation Army and deep among the people – mean that preparations may well go forward for the creation of a people’s democratic republic and for the defeat of organized reactionary forces.”

    It is not wishful thinking. Nor has it has promised nothing.
    It is an expression of hope based on news of genuine efforts, however weak or small now, to reverese the great betrayal.
    If one were to lightly dismiss every sign of revolt, then one will only be discouraging all forms of revolt.
    News of rebellion for a just cause encourages healthy elements within the Party. Even Prachanda has admitted error in giving in too much. Not that I recommend trusting him any more, but this retreat is an outcome of rebellions, however small they may be.

  3. amanezca said

    Joseph, I feel that the intro is pointing to the fact that such consolidation was attempted (“without a revolutionary army representing the people’s interests”) and has failed, resulting in the current deadlocked situation. And now this action by the YCL forces is an example of the “continued existence and active resistance of powerful revolutionary forces – within the UCPNM, the People’s Liberation Army and deep among the people.”

    Rebellion of the YCL/party rank-and-file supporters against the party leadership is something that is worth paying attention to at this point if we are interested in “doing better” and seeing things go forward in a good direction in Nepal.

  4. redpines said

    Joseph was right to point out that we did not correctly contextualize the quote. The intro has been changed accordingly.

    But I want to echo Amanezca’s sentiments–these are incidents we should be paying close attention to, and are part of a wider number of mobilizations and acts of resistance happening throughout the country.

  5. marwey said

    If there’s a crack on the ruling clique, it mirrors on their mercenary forces, so as to the UCPN. To defeat these tendencies is to keep on enhancing the revolutionary consciousness /spirit. These may serve the the revolutionary cause, but to a certain point.

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