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Maoists in Manipur oppose burdens on children and families

Posted by redpines on February 23, 2012

The Imphal Free Press, an English language publication from the region of Manipur (currently occupied by the Indian state), reports on a press release from the Maoist Communist Party, Manipur. The Maoists have issued demands on local educational institutions in an effort to advance the new democratic revolution in the region and to fight for quality education for the oppressed masses here.

[Intro by Joe]

Maoist warns private schools to forego multiple dress code, other extravagances

The Maoist Communist Party, Manipur in a press release by its publicity secretary Nonglen Meitei came out strongly against the imposition of two or three sets of uniform on its students by private schools.

It stated that the multiple uniform sets caused unnecessary financial burdens to the parents especially those belonging to the financially underprivileged section. The Maoist`s statement assured that the party stands against such exploitation and will not remain a mute spectator.

The Maoist advised that there should be only one uniform set for the students, whereas the choice of colour of the apparel will be the prerogative of the school authorities.

Further, the Maoist questioned the private schools need for keeping three different sets of uniform code in a week. Aside from uniforms, beginning from note books to handkerchiefs, the schools have imposed strictures which are futile exercises. It may please the eyes but the amount of hardships which the poor families incur in keeping with the private schools norms may not be obvious to the school authorities, but is evident to the Maoist party.

The imposition of such petty rules without concern of the overall economic status of the state is not in the interest of the public. Such un ethical practices in the private education sector have led to circumstances where the parents can no longer afford to give proper education to their wards, the Maoist will not compromise their stance in the regard.

Further, schools cashing in on printed material including handkerchiefs, school bags in the name of seeking popularity should be stopped. If the school wants to popularize itself, then it may give free education and sponsor some underprivileged students instead of trying to mint money.

The parents should also introspect into the matter and collectively try to stop malpractices in the education sector.The Maoist in its New Democratic Revolution movement stands for the welfare of the commons; it stands for bringing quality education but stand against exploitation.

The release mentions that to check the announced guideline, the Maoist cadres will begin scrutinizing the schools beginning from February 20 onwards. If any school is found violating the mentioned norms, then the concerned authorities will be viewed as anti-people by the outfit.It appeals the concerned that the Maoist is tackling issues which are aimed at public welfare while continuing the liberation movement and seeks support from all, the release concluded.

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