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Maoists Resist Indian Occupation of Nepal’s Forest Lands

Posted by hetty7 on February 24, 2012

Kalikot, Nepal

Members of the UCPN(M) in Nepal have been mounting greater challenges to Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai for his pro-India policies. In this case, cadres are resisting an attempt by India to use Nepali land and natural resources.

This article is from myrepublica

Maoist Cadres Burn PM’s Effigy

Kalendra Sejuwal

Surkhet, Feb. 18: Maoist cadres burnt effigy of Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai in Dailekh and Kalikot districts on Friday protesting the government decision to lease Indian company GMR some portion of local forest land, which the company needs for developing Upper Karnali Hydropower Project.A rally led by central committee member Harka Bahadur Shahi, who is close to Maoist Vice-chairman Mohan Baidya, burnt Bhattarai’s effigy in Devkota Chowk of Dailekh Friday evening and in Kalikot Saturday afternoon.

Labeling Bhattarai – who is also one of the vice-chairmen of the Maoist party – a pro-Indian. Shahi accused that the  prime minister made the decision to appease Indians on the eve of his India visit on Thursday.

The cabinet decided to lease the 12 hectares of forest land in Ramaghat to GMR, where the company plans to construct a tunnel and bridge for the 900 MW hydropower project. In its detailed project report, GMR had mentioned that the project requires around 250 hectares of land.

Around 110 hectares of the required land that GMR plans to buy is privately owned. The rest of the land is state-owned which GMR has to lease for the project period. Most of the lands fall in Sattala Village Development Committee in Dailekh and Bhairabsthan VDC, Achham.

“We have to take land on lease at every step of construction and this is just a routine step,” Assistant Manager of GMR’s Surkhet office Pradeep Nepal said.

“We cannot complete the project until we are given the rights to use the required land.”


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