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Nepal – Indigenous Groups Demand Autonomy

Posted by hetty7 on February 24, 2012

Magar peoples in Nepal

The Maoists of Nepal have long called for a Federated People’s Democratic Republic. Kasama’s Nepal’s Crossroads: Without a people’s army, the people have nothingaddresses this issue, which is related to the article below:

For a Federated People’s Democratic Republic Broad ranks within Nepal’s Maoist party have been opposed to proposals and compromises that would consolidate a parliamentary political order without basic revolutionary change. They have popularized their plan for a New Nepal: a federated people’s democratic republic.

This envisions a determined and thorough uprooting of the oppressive old feudal culture and an agrarian revolution to end the exploitation of rural people by landowners and usurers. It would bring a historic end to the domination of Nepal by India and foreign corporations. And it would overthrow survivals of the previous political-military system that served elites alone.

Having a federated republic means an end to theocratic Hindu hegemony and the dominance in Nepal of one ethnicity and language. It would involve forms of autonomy in local areas, establishing equality of many minority religions, languages, and ethnic groups for the first time.

This article is from myrepublica

Indigenous groups demand autonomy

Rohit Rai

Dharan, Jan. 21: Leaders of indigenous groups  have said they will exercise autonomy through their own mechanism if the political parties fail to ensure right to self-determination and autonomy in the new constitution.

The leaders made such announcement in the 10-point declaration paper at the closing of the three-day international conference on right to self-determination and autonomy in Dharan on Saturday.

The indigenous leaders also pledged to work together for right to self-determination and autonomy in the country.

“We will not accept the new constitution if it does not guarantee right to self-determination and autonomy,” read the declaration, adding, ” We the indigenous people are ready to exercise the rights through our own mechanism.”

The declaration paper has praised the caucus in parliament saying the group has played a positive role for the rights of indigenous groups.

The groups have also demanded that the government honestly implement previous agreements between the government and organizations representing indigenous peoples.

Speaking at the function, Dr. Om  Gurung, a leader of an indigenous group, warned the government not to take their causes lightly.

“We have not fallen asleep. We are closely watching the activities of the government, said Gurung, adding “We will achieve our rights through a decisive movement.”

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