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Kalikot, Nepal: Communists protest Prime Minister Bhattarai’s visit

Posted by redpines on February 27, 2012

Kalikot is nestled in mountainous western Nepal, near where the people's war began in 1996

The Himalayan Times reports on a demonstration by members of the United Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in the Kalikot region. This is part of the ongoing struggle within the UCPN(M) over the direction and future of the revolution in Nepal. Thanks to Signalfire for pointing this out. [Introduction by Joe]

Maoists burn PM Bhattarai in Effigy

KATHMANDU: A group of UCPN-Maoist cadres of the Kalikot district burnt the effigy of Prime Minister Dr Baburam Bhattarai on Saturday morning.

Kalikot-bound Maoists ranted slogans in the district against the PM Bhattarai, “for maintaining close proximity with India,” confirmed sources.

Agitators even aired views amid their demonstration that the upper Karnali project should be operated locally and no foreign company should be involved in it.They also said that the agreement reached with Indian hydro-power company, GMR was against the interest of Nepal, and demanded that it be scrapped.

This demonstration comes on the heels of Dr Bhattarai’s visit to Patna, the capital of Indian state of Bihar, on Friday at the invitation of Bihar’s Chief Minister Nitish Kumar.

Bhattarai, who is also one of the Vice-chairmen of the Maoist, is facing a hard-time to defend his premiership not only from oppositions, even from the hardliners inside the Maoist party.

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