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Free Speech Radio: Interview with Arundhati Roy on Maoist revolution in India

Posted by redpines on March 1, 2012

Dorian Merina of Free Speech Radio News, a progressive radio program based in the United States that airs in over 100 cities nationally, recently conducted an interview with author Arundhati Roy on the Maoist revolution in India. The interview is wide-ranging, touching on her experiences while embedded with Maoist guerrillas in the Dandakaranya forest, as well as the murderous effects of the Indian regime’s Operation Green Hunt and the campaigns against Vedanta’s destructive mining operations.

“What is it that connects the Wall Street occupation to the people in
the forests? And I think what connects it is absolute exclusion of the
majority of the people in the world for the obscene benefit of a very

Listen to the audio here.

3 Responses to “Free Speech Radio: Interview with Arundhati Roy on Maoist revolution in India”

  1. Julie said

    As always, very interesting. I’m actually working on a transcription in English, and it’s translation in French if you’re interested…

  2. redpines said

    We’d definitely be interested!

  3. Julie said

    Ok! The transcription in English is almost finished, but as I’m not à native English-speaker, it might be good if someone reads it before putting in it online. Maybe you can give me your email address, where I could send it, and you put it online of you think it can be? I guess you can find my address down here if you want to send yours on it, instead of posting it on this wall….

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