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Posted by redpines on March 4, 2012

Naxalbari India, 1967

Sanhati has published the original issues of Liberation, the monthly central organ of the undivided Communist Party of India (Marxist – Leninist) (CPIML). Currently, issues from 1967 to 1972 are available in PDF format. The CPI-ML, as many of our readers know, laid the groundwork for the Naxalbari movement. Though plenty has been written about Indian Maoism and the Naxalbari uprisings, much of the primary material published by  the CPI-ML has not been readily available. We will be republishing select pieces from the journal, but we encourage our readers to check out the originals for themselves.

One Response to “Liberation Magazine”

  1. Harsh Thakor said

    Admire your efforts to compile liberation.I also recommend the following urls as listed below which contain important historical works.Banned Thought has posted several issues of ‘peoples March’ but unfortunately no blog has posted issues of an important Marxist -Leninist journal ‘The Comrade’ which started in 1988 and made important theoretical writings and reports of practical struggles.I feel posting them or atleast the important writings is an important historical contribution .Iam suggesting this as a historian and not a supporter of any group or line.

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