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Nepal: Talk of regenerating rural base areas

Posted by hetty7 on April 1, 2012

This article is from myrepublica.

Be Ready to Encircle Cities – Thapa Tells Cadre

Post B Basnet

Kathmandu, March 28: The Maoist radical faction on Tuesday told party cadres to remain prepared to encircle the cities for an urban insurrection if the country doesn’t see the promulgation of a “pro-people constitution.”

Maoist General Secretary Ram Bahadur Thapa , a key leader from the party’s radical faction, issued the directive from a closed-door session held at Nayabazaar, Kathmandu, to train cadres from the faction.

“We may have to jump into action around May 28 (the constitution drafting deadline). The immediate circumstances will dictate whether such an insurrection will be armed or unarmed,” a participant quoted Thapa as telling the cadres.

Members of the Maoist News State Committee and District Committee had participated in the program.

“We had the NC and UML as our enemies when we began the war in 1996. Now another UML (party establishment) has been born. And we have enough strength to fight it,” another participant quoted Thapa, who switched over to the hardline faction a few months ago, as saying.


One Response to “Nepal: Talk of regenerating rural base areas”

  1. “if the country doesn’t see the promulgation of a “pro-people constitution.” Redicolous!. How will a consitution bring forward a new democratic revolution? People are tired of this game!

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