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India: Support imprisoned slum residents and activists in Kolkata

Posted by redpines on April 11, 2012

We have received the following call for solidarity with activists and residents of Nonandanga who were recently arrested while defending the community. We encourage our readers to sign the petition and to seek out other ways of expressing solidarity.

Sanhati is deeply concerned by the West Bengal government’s arrest of seven democratic rights activists and its earlier detention of residents of the Nonadanga slum on April 8, 2012 at Ruby junction in Kolkata. These activists were engaged in a peaceful sit-in demonstration attended by a broad spectrum of left organisations and individuals of good conscience,
demanding rehabilitation of hundreds of residents evicted from the Nonadanga slum of Kolkata on March 30, 2012. The peaceful character of their protest is a matter of public record, documented by various media reports. We are shocked and dismayed at the response of the police forces to these democratic protests.

Kindly read and sign the enclosed petition on the Nonadanga situation.
Click here in order to sign the petition.

You may also read regular coverage of this developing story on our website Sanhati.

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