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Nepal – Interview with Basanta

Posted by hetty7 on May 1, 2012

Thanks to  Banned Thought for this important new interview by Basanta, a Politburo member of the UCPN (M). This interview strongly condemns Prachanda and Bhattarai and explores what has gone wrong in the Nepal Party.

“When the leaders nakedly surrender before imperialism and their running domestic agents, then the two-line struggle does not remain an issue of the party alone. Rather it becomes an issue of the nation and the entire oppressed people as a whole. It must be taken to the masses so that their anti-people and anti-national crimes could be unveiled. Hence, the two-line struggle which we are taking to the masses now is an ideological and political campaign to make the entire oppressed class, nation, sex, and region stand by the side of revolutionaries and expose the right revisionists who betrayed the nation and people in the garb of Marxism.”

Interview with Basanta

April 22,2012:

1.  How is the recent situation concerning the two line struggle in your party? Have any of the most important contradictions been solved? (Here you can describe the whole situation about the positions of each side, on which we already have a general idea, but also underline the points that are agreed on.)

For a communist party, the two-line struggle is the source of its life. As an object does not exist without contradiction in it, a communist party too does not exist when there is no two-line struggle. However, the two-line struggle does not always have the same level but varies depending upon the content of the issues involved in it. The two-line struggle in our party has sharpened mainly after the first meeting of the Constituent Assembly, which established the federal democratic republic of Nepal. Monarchy has been abolished from Nepal but not feudalism. Nepal is still a semi-feudal and semi-colonial country. External intervention is on the rise. The essence of the two-line struggle is centred on how to understand the situation and whether to continue with status quo i.e. the semi-feudal and semi-colonial condition beautified by cosmetics of the democratic republic or continue struggling to establish People’s Federal Republic in its place. Read the rest of this entry »

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