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Philippines: CPP calls for removal of US military presence

Posted by redpines on May 5, 2012

Women in Mindanao protest US imperialism

The following statement calls for an end to the recent resurgence of US military involvement in the Philippines. Thanks to Democracy and Class Struggle for making this available.

Repeal of US-RP Mutual Defense Treaty will help in peaceful resolution of South China Sea conflicts — Communist Party of the Philippines

Communist Party of the Philippines

3 May, 2012

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) urged the Filipino people to push for the repeal of the US-RP Mutual Defense Treaty of 1951 and the pullout of all American military troops in the Philippines in order to ease military and diplomatic tensions over the Scarborough Shoal and Spratly Islands and pave the way for the peaceful resolution of the conflict and build mutually beneficial relations with both China and the US.
The CPP issued this statement a day after security and defense officials of the Aquino and US governments met in Washington DC. The US government promised to allow the Aquino government to purchase another Hamilton-class cutter from the American military scrap yard after officials of the Aquino regime mendaciously appealed for US support in order “for the Philippines to be minimally relied upon as a US regional partner.” Read the rest of this entry »

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