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India: West Bengal chief terrified of Maoist students

Posted by redpines on May 19, 2012

The following video Mamata Banerjee, the anti-communist chief minister of West Bengal becomes angry and storms out of a television station as she suspects students in the audience of being Maoist cadres or supporters. Thanks to B and BJ for pointing this out. 

One Response to “India: West Bengal chief terrified of Maoist students”

  1. india is democratic in name and fascist in reality.most of indian medias are anticommunit and they brainwash working class indian people by fake news.but noone stop the revolution.if indian maoist follow true path of mao ideology than they will sure win.
    don’t forgot mass communication is must important.
    “don’t take even an needle from people,love the people ,loved by the people,when staying at peoples house think like your own,fight until you die.”
    we all communist outside india have great support toward you all,until you are true communist”
    nepali maoist are revisionist and agent of raw.

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