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Philippines: Report from base area of the people’s war

Posted by amanezca on July 20, 2012

One Response to “Philippines: Report from base area of the people’s war”

  1. dodge said

    Wifey elbowed me, somebody is crying. Oh, lovers tiff…we let rooms to students. Not one of them, but an army chap who wifey guessed was an intelligence agent, running assets. She went his room, seemed he was facing demons. A full time assassin. Wifey asked do you ever show mercy to your victims. No, came the reply. He had stayed some months with us. Raided by the police, looking for him we found out there had been an ‘incident’. Briefly 3 assasins had set out, a public place, better to maximize the terror, a progressive was cornered and shot. Walking away from the scene 2 of the assassins returned to make certain he was indeed dead. An off duty police Major from the next town, thinking it was a common robbery drew his weapon killed one of the assassins before being killed himself. As he was a Major it could not be brushed under the carpet, compensation had to be paid and our tenant left for a far away province to ply his trade, once more. There are still corpses left within walking distance of my house, 4 in the last 7 months….possibly drug users. Who knows….who cares…it is said. The assassin still texts Wifey and daughter. They accuse me of being “judgemental”.” It’s the way things are!”

    Are Mindanao people fiends? Thugs? Brutes? Despotic incomprehensible orientals? Not been my experience as an ‘immigrant’. Gold in those hills, true. Hardwood trees. Copper galore. The US along with Australia recently tooled up with brand new warships are circling. China too. Very worrying.

    As for the partizans shown, what you see is what you get. Very courteous, a retired Londoner, they are cheerful and if stopped at one of their roadblocks they never ask for ‘snacks’ like the other crowd, to pass quickly. They never steal Wifey’s chickens either. I did hear one of their medical teams visits the village, for obvious reasons this was not a matter to be broadcast. They don’t tax us. They are happy we produce rice and refused government advice to produce ‘eco’ fuel. Nor do they have children in their ranks. Many would love to join….no doubt will in time.
    If not for the US this whole rotten ruling class would whither on the vine. As it is, life is very cheap. Cheap as chips as we say. Yes cheap as chips

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