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About RevSA

This “Revolution in South Asia” (RevSA) site will be developed, as rapidly as possible, as an extensive, lively and interesting resource of information around the Maoist revolutions of South Asia — including breaking news, documents, analysis, and key controversies.

Please joining us in making this happen. Contact us if you are willing to join in this effort, and if you have materials that should be posted on this emerging RevSA site.

This work has a special urgency — here and now — because of the rapidly unfolding events in Nepal, because of the role of the U.S. in orchestrating counterrevolution there, and because of the intolerable silence here in the U.S. surrounding the South Asian Maoists.

In a world where communism has been declared dead and buried — these living movements of millions, under Maoist banners, give the very question of communist revolution an exhilarating “dignity of immediate actuality” — in a way that can help awaken many more people to the possibility of real, revolutionary, liberating change.

Join us in this internationalist informational effort!

There are many ways you can help this effort around RevsA:

  • Promote this new website — link to it from your own site,s email the url to interested people, post this announcement on relevant discussion boards/lists. All people interested in radical change need to know about these important revolutionary movements.
  • Use this site to raise your own understanding of the issues and controversies surrounding of these Maoist “New Democratic” revolutions.
  • Help us uncover substantive materials to post here. The RevsA site will not be limited to cheerleading: We will post critical articles and the charges of the revolution’s enemies. We want explore the differences and debates developing among the revolutionaries — as they face difficult choices and dare to propose unexpected solutions. we hope to provide readers with an many-sided sense of these living conflicts. Please email us if you know of material we should post,
  • Make your own comments on the materials and controversies posted on RevSA.
  • Get in touch right away if you are interested in helping in an ongoing way. We need to be developing posters, flyers, teach-in materials, study guides and other online materials. We are planning public event at campuses. And we need help moderating and maintaining the new site.

Events are moving quickly in Nepal, in unpredictable ways. There are several armed forces in the field, and the broad Nepali populations is mobilized to transform Nepali society — with very high expectations. The future is unwritten.

The possibility of deepening revolutionary crisis and the danger of counterrevolutionary action all demand that we act quickly and boldly.

11 Responses to “About RevSA”

  1. Kumar Sarkar said

    I would like to welcome your efforts on South Asia. I find the website interesting and useful. Wish you all success.


    Kumar Sarkar,
    Secon Wave Publications and Distribution,
    London, UK.

  2. K A said

    Thaks a lot for such wonderfull blog. We are a group of Bangladeshi young writers who are trying to make a strong voice against imperialism. We want to contact with you and joint with it. How we joint and contact.

  3. n3wday said

    K A,

    Please send an email to – – and we can discuss that. It may be a little while before you hear a response.

  4. Interesting Blog Posting, I appreciate your effort to explore issues in south Asia region.

    Just Nepali

  5. chris said

    great site on the updates Asia and the movement.
    keep up the good work.

  6. Green Red said

    Howcome, with all due regard to of course movements in India and Nepal but, on Sri Lanka and Pakistan where serious killings occur under direct imperialism order we do not have the faintest idea of say, Pakistani revolutionary communists or, truly, the politics of Tamil Tiger whose actions have had profound impacts on other places?

  7. Paul said

    Dear Green Red,

    Yes I do agree with you. Unfortunately areal bombardment of Tamil areas in Srilanka and tribal areas of Pakistan, where thousands are killed has not been given enough coverage in the media, let alone in the progressive journals and websites.

    I gathered some bits and pieces of information from my Tamil friends on the genocide of Tamils in Srilanka:

    As per Tamil sources in Europe about 300,000 Tamil people have been killed from areal bombardment and shelling by Srilankan government, though European media puts the figure as 60,000. Almost all the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) leadership has been killed in the battle and /or after surrender. According to a human rights organisation inside Srilanka, the army has buried thousands of dead and wounded in mass graves that are even visible in the satellite images. The media was not allowed into the war zones, nor any NGOs. The doctors who treated the wounded Tamil people have been arrested and there is no trace of them.

    Srilankan government received help from various channels for this war that she fought with the LTTE. Indian, Chinese, British and Israel governments have given all kinds of support to the Sinhalese chauvinistic government. Indian army and Israel army gave training to the Srilankan army while China and Briton supplied arms.

    After the war millions of Tamils are kept in the concentration camps to make sure that no Tamil fighter is left alive and no chance of any future reorganisation of LTTE. Tortures in the name of interrogation have become everyday affair. There are reports that every morning scores of dead bodies of raped Tamil women are found next to the barbed wire fences of the concentration camps. There is no doubt that they are the bodies of either captured women LTTE guerrillas or their supporters. Thousands are crammed into tiny tents with no proper food and water and medical aid for the wounded. Diseases are spreading due to lack of medical aid. The government says the camps are going to be there for at least 6 months but it appears they might be there for more than an year.

    Unfortunately this genocide has not been given any media coverage. The suffering of millions of innocent Tamil people in concentration camps in Srilanka under fascist torturous Rajpaksa government need to be brought to the notice of the people around the world.

    LTTE are not communist revolutionaries, but they are fighting for the self-determination of Tamil nationality in Srilanka.It is the responsibility of all progressive minded people, particularly all Leninists of the world, who believe in the right to self-determination of nationalities must support all the national liberation movements including that of Tamils in Srilanka.

    The genocide of Tamils has been so much isolated that to my knowledge not a single organisation, except Maoists of India and ILPS (International League of Peoples’ Struggles – Canada) has condemned this.

    I found this article on, which needs to be circulated among progressive minded people.

    and here is the original link for the article by Democratic Students Union of Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India:

    And here is the link for ILPS – International League of Peoples’ Struggles – Canada:

  8. fancy said

    Hello friends, i don’t know any other way to contact you, so sorry about the random post! We here in Chicago would like to invite you to participate in this summer’s Finding Our Roots anarchist conference! We have limited funding to support out of town speakers and workshop facilitators, please contact us asap about a travel stipend!

    4th Annual Finding Our Roots Conference
    Mid-June 2011 – Chicago, IL
    en espanol abajo
    plz forward!

    The theme of this year’s conference is SOLIDARITY.

    The idea of solidarity has long been evoked as a way of uniting many
    different people around a variety of social struggles. But how does this
    concept inform our theory and praxis as anarchists today? By anarchists,
    we mean basically, anti-authoritarian, anti-capitalist, opposed to all forms
    of racial and gender oppression, dedicated to direct action and unwilling to
    negotiate with inherently undemocratic organizations.

    As anarchists, who are we in solidarity with and why? Is solidarity
    based around social identities helpful, harmful, or irrelevant to
    anarchist struggles? Are anarchists part of a broader Left, and if so,
    should anarchists maintain solidarity with other leftists? Does
    imply community and/or accountability? How has the historical use of
    “solidarity” around social struggles affected the ways in which we use the
    term today? How has “solidarity” been recuperated for reformist or
    reactionary ends? How do we maintain solidarity with the struggles of
    others without speaking for them or acting in their name? What kinds of
    anarchist projects, actions, etc. show the ways in which solidarity can be
    used for anti-capitalist ends? How do the concepts of solidarity and
    autonomy relate to each other? How do we maintain solidarity with the
    struggles of others without acting on their behalf? Is the concept of the
    ally valid in social struggles, and how does it relate to the concept of
    solidarity? Does solidarity mean attack? Does it mean alternative
    structures of survival? Can it exist as mere spoken affirmation or does
    it imply action? Is solidarity about friendship or a strictly political
    arrangement? Is solidarity even a useful concept for explaining how we
    relate to one another in the process of revolt?

    Potential workshop themes include: prisoner support groups, embassy
    occupations/attacks, university occupations, copwatches, no-border camps,
    indigenous solidarity projects, community/accountability/consent amongst
    anarchists, feminist and survivor solidarity, solidarity with
    international social struggles, autonomy and self determination, the
    relationship between nationalism and anarchism, revolutionary unionism,
    solidarity and class struggle, solidarity with the undocumented, allyship
    and solidarity, tactics of solidarity, sex work and solidarity, uniting
    and/or destroying the Left, legal support for anarchists on trial,
    practical ways of being in solidarity with trans folks, black and brown
    solidarity, the history of solidarity within anarchist organizing, squat
    solidarity, intersectionality and solidarity, solidarity against
    gentrification, solidarity as attack, animal liberation and possibility of
    cross-species solidarity, the recuperation of solidarity in the service of

    Proposal deadline: May 1, 2011

    Submit proposals to: findingourroots (at) riseup (dot) net

    Proposals should be NO MORE THAN ONE PAGE in length and should include:
    1. Workshop title
    2. Your name and contact info (and those of workshop presenter(s) if this
    isn’t you – though please make sure you have confirmed with all presenters
    BEFORE you volunteer them)
    3. Detailed workshop description, including an explanation of how your
    workshop fits into the conference theme
    4. Questions to be posed/answered in the workshop
    5. Main workshop goals
, Workshop format (Will it be an open discussion?
    Panel/roundtable? Lecture followed by Q&A?)
    7. BRIEF reading list [optional]
    8. Any special materials or equipment (ex: audiovisual) you will need;

    Workshops are one hour and fifteen minutes (75 minutes) long. If you feel
    you need more time for your workshop, please explain why, and we will
    consider allotting a longer slot.

    Please forward.

    en espanol tambien:

    por favor mandelo a sus amigos!
    Convocatoria de Talleres Anarquistas: Finding Our Roots

    El tema de la conferencia de este año es la SOLIDARIDAD.

    La idea de la solidaridad ha sido evocada como una manera de unir pueblos
    en torno a varias luchas sociales. ¿Pero, como es que este concepto os
    informa sobre nuestra teoría y la práctica de la misma como
    anarquistas/anti-autoritari@s en la actualidad?

    Como anarquistas, con quien estamos en solidaridad—y porque? ¿Acaso esta
    solidaridad basada en entidades sociales nos ayuda, nos perjudica, o es
    completamente irrelevante a nuestras luchas anarquistas? ¿Acaso es que
    los anarquistas forman parte de una política Izquierdista mas amplia, y si
    ese es el caso, se deberían mantener lazos de solidaridad con otr@s
    izquierdistas? ¿Implica la comunidad y/o la rendición de cuentas? ¿De que
    forma a afectado como percibimos el termino “solidaridad” hoy en día por
    el uso que se le a dado en luchas sociales históricamente? ¿Como es que la
    solidaridad a sido secuestrada con fines reformistas o reaccionarias?

    ¿Como podemos mantenernos en solidaridad con otr@s sin aclamar sus luchas
    como nuestras? ¿Que tipos de proyectos, acciones, tácticas etc. demuestran
    las maneras en las que la solidaridad puede utilizarse con fines
    anti-capitalistas? ¿Como es que los conceptos de solidaridad y autonomía
    son relacionados entre si? ¿Es la idea de un aliado un concepto valido
    para las luchas sociales, y como se relaciona con el concepto de la
    solidaridad? ¿Es que la solidaridad significa ataque? ¿Significa
    estructuras alternativas de supervivencia? ¿Puede existir como una mera
    afirmación hablada o implica acción? ¿Es cuestión de amistad o es un
    acuerdo estrictamente político? ¿Acaso es eficaz el uso de la
    “solidaridad” como explicación de las relaciones que entablamos en el
    proceso de rebelión?

    Posibles temas del taller incluyen: apoyo a l@s pres@s, ocupación/ataque a
    la embajada, ocupacion de las universidades, vigilancia y monitoreo de
    policía, campamentos contra las frontera, proyectos de solidaridad
    indígenas, comunidad/responsabilidad/consentimiento entro los
    anarquistas/anti-autoritari@s, solidaridad con feministas y
    sobrevivientes, la solidaridad con las luchas sociales internacionales,
    autonomía y autodeterminación, la relación entre el nacionalismo y el
    anarquismo, sindicalismo revolucionario, la solidaridad y la lucha de
    clases, solidaridad con l@s indocumentad@s, solidaridad y el/la aliad@,
    tácticas de la solidaridad, solidaridad y el trabajo sexual, unión y/o la
    destrucción de la Izquierda, apoyo legal para anarquistas enfrentando a un
    juicio, solidaridad práctica con las personas transgnér@s, solidaridad
    entre pueblos de color, resistiendo el aburguesamiento, la historia de la
    solidaridad dentro la organización anarquista, solidaridad con okupas,
    interseccionalidad y solidaridad, solidaridad como ataque, liberación
    animal y las posibilidades de solidaridad entre especies, la recuperación
    de la solidaridad al servicio del capitalismo.

    La convocatoria para presentaciones se cierra el 1 de mayo del 2011.
    Envie propuestas a:

    Las propuestes no deben de sobrepasar una pagina y deben de uncluir:
    1. Titulo
    2. Nombre(s) del(a) presentador(as) e informacion de contacto.
    3. Una descripción detallada del taller, incluyendo una explicación se
    cómo el taller se inscribe en el tema de la conferencia.
    4. Preguntas se presentaran/respondaran en el taller.
    5. Objetivos principales del taller y su formato.
    6. Lista breve de literatura [opcional].
    7. Lista de materiales o equipos espciales que ocuparan.

    **Los talleres serian de una hora y quince minutos (75 minutos). Si
    usted(es) siente que necesitara mas tiempo para su taller, por favor
    explique por que y nosotros les daremos mas tiempo.**

  9. Rajesh said

    Great web site. How can I get this website info on my e mail?
    I am a naxalite living in New York and cannot wait to go back to fight for my dalit people. This time around, the Govt of India have to be carefull. They cannot lie to us.

  10. dHANVIN r bAROT said

    Nice Site

  11. arbanth said

    Dear Paul,

    The Tamil struggle for self-determination has been brutally suppressed by the Sinhala regime in May 2009.We have to also remember countries-big,small and the superpowers (incl the “wanna be’s” )-found common cause with the extremely inhuman sinhala mahajathiya regime to deny Tamils their freedom in a land they have called home for thousands of years.I mean imagine killng babies in cold blood..just imagine.only because they are Tamil!!The soldiers of the sinhala regime have even committed unimaginable acts of violence on dead or dying women of Tamil descent.All this was done by a people who claim to have a civilisation lasting well over 2,500 years.What is more shameful is that a coterie of countries pretending to be on the ‘left’ side of the fence had also supported this genocidal war.Tamils will rise again and keep on fightiing for an independent Tamil Eelam.Rest assured.We will do well to keep in mind the methods used by the sinhala regime with outside recognition and support are sure to be replicated against innocent unarmed people fighting for freedom in South-asia and elsewhere.Longer the Tamil struggle is kept off the headlines better will it be for the oppressors of the world.

    Long live TAMIL EELAM.

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