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3 Responses to “Sri Lankan Maoists”

  1. jheegu said

    red salute !
    we need news and views. we hope, helped us

  2. de silva said

    Honestly I don’t know how much you are aware of the ground reality.There is no “maoist” action on the ground here – sri lanka as far as I’m concerned.The only significant left party which attracts the attention of the oppressed youth is the JVP (Peoples liberation front) and it is the only party (whether any one like or not) which does POLITICS on the ground.It lead the latest uprising of workers of Free trade Zones against the government and they have a pretty good students/trade union movement.If you are really interested in revolution n sri lanka you should focus on the JVP (although they do not identify them as “maoists”) As far as I foresee it is the only possible force which can lead an uprising in the future

  3. siva said

    Mr de Silva cannot be serious when he calls the JVP a ‘left party’.
    The JVP is a chauvinist outfit, which never believed in the working class as a revolutionary force and declared that the youth would make revolution. It was even bitterly hostile to Hill Country Tamil plantation workers in its early years.
    It did not only reject the working class but was hostile to it until it gained some influence in trade unions in the 1990s. Even then, it has still no clear revolutionary strategy. It degenerated into an opportunist parliamentary party since its adventurist armed campaign of 1988-89, based on another chauvinist platform, ended in disaster.
    Today its opportunism has led to two successive splits in three years, after it was thoroughly discredited as a result of its opportrunist alliance with the SLFP, especially President Mahinda Rajapaksa.

    There are genuine Marxist Leninists among Sinhalese who are not organised, and have been vicimised by the state, some with help from the JVP (as in the case of certain railway worker trade unionists).

    The Marxist Leninist section of the Communist Party has since around 1970 been weakened by various factors, including the surge of chauvinism and narrow nationalism. Yet it has held on in the North amid repression by the LTTE and now state-sponsored repression. It is also active in the plantations.
    The party was founded in 1978 as Communist Party of Sri Lanka (Left) and now renamed New-Democratic Marxist-Leninist Party.
    Two journals are published in print (Puthiua Poomi, a Tamil monthly, and New Democracy, a quarterly). There is an electronic journal Sempathaakai, quarterly.
    It has a website:

    It also has a number of other socio-cultural fronts.
    It is not strong today, but is the only Marxist Leninist party that has shown resilience in the face of repression by the state and narrow nationalism.

    The rump of the Ceylon Communist Party led by Comrade Sanmugathasan was renamed Ceylon Communist Party (Mapist) was severely weakened even before his death, and is now virtuall a one-man show, following a few scandalous events.

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