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Nepal – Bhutanese refugees go on hunger strike

Posted by hetty7 on November 18, 2011

For more of the history and significance today of the Bhutanese Refugees see the SAREV article  from Nov. 13, 2011: Bhutanese Refugees: Pawns of US imperialism

This article is from myrepublica

Bhutanese refugees on hunger strike


Jhapa, Nov. 15:  The Bhutanese refugees in Jhapa district who have been deprived of identity cards and the government relief packages have staged a fast-unto-death from Tuesday, demanding identity cards.

Some 15 Bhutanese women refugees have joined in the hunger strike.

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Bhutanese Refugees in the US: Pawns of Imperial Interests

Posted by redpines on November 13, 2011

While in Nepal, I heard a lot of discussion about the situation of Bhutanese refugees who had been resettled in the US. People were outraged at the fact that the US would only accept these refugees on the condition that they repay their airfare and other costs. In an economy where real unemployment is more than 20% in some places, it is not clear how this resettlement plan is different from a state of indentured servitude. It is a grotesque example of the way the US immerses the world’s people in debt and subjugation–even within its borders. 

There may be sinister political reasons for the US deal to accept Bhutanese refugees. This embassy cable from 2007, exposed by Wikileaks, shows the US government’s concern over Maoist organizing in the Bhutanese refugee camps, as well as the potential for communists to gain power in Bhutan itself:

“…each confirmed that the Maoists could pose a significant threat. Rutland alleged that the BCP openly threatened to use the refugees in the Nepali camps to overthrow the monarchy and the new government.”

Revolution in South Asia also reported in 2008 that two Maoist groups did emerge within the refugee camps. Whether or not there is a direct connection between the resettlement scheme and the potential for strong communist organizations in Bhutan, it seems impossible to believe that the US is involved in this situation for altruistic reasons. The following piece from Lancaster Online gives a brief introduction to the refugees’ plight.

A Primer on the Plight of Bhutanese refugees

Oct 30, 2011

by Jeff Hawkes

Why are there refugees from Bhutan?

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Nepal – Politics and Punk at the Top of the World

Posted by hetty7 on August 23, 2011

Photo credit: Eric Ribellarsi

This article is from Winter Has Its End.

Politics and Punk at the Top of the World

by Jim Weill

A flyer for reggae-ska-punk band Naya Faya described their politics as “anti-patriarchy, anti-hierarchical, pro-feminist, pro-women’s self-defense.” I was intrigued. How would this music be received in Nepal? How would these politics resonate in an atmosphere where revolutionary communism was already vying for power?

The 1905 restaurant was a weird place for a punk show. The venue’s website ways it was once a “fine social establishment for the elite and influential. ” Queen Elizabeth II showed her face there, and even a king was coronated at 1905 back in the 60’s. Slightly less prestigious now, the place is still a palatial complex hidden from the noise and polite chaos of Kathmandu’s streets. To reach the space where the show was happening I had to walk over a quaint wooden bridge , crossing over lavish gardens and ponds with white geese.  The cover charge was 200 rupees (about US $2.50) which is a steep price for the average Nepali. Outside the walls. mothers and their children beg for change. Inside, the caste and money-privileged go bowling and drink liquor. Such is the situation in this unsettled revolution.

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Basanta: The Volcano of Revolution in South Asia Today

Posted by Mike E on July 27, 2010

The Maoist revolution has made a major forward leap — after the initiation of people’s war in Nepal in 1996 and the merger of two major revolutionary streams to form the Communist Party of India (Maoist), in 2004.

The Nepalese people’s revolution has now reached to the threshold of seizing central political power.

In the present era, the proletarian revolution does not remain a phenomenon merely of a single country.

South Asia is becoming a front of collision between two fronts: one formed of the proletariat and their class allies national and international and other alliance formed of the imperialists and their lackeys from the individual countries. A new world in South Asia is now gestating in the womb of this contradiction.

The victory of revolution in South Asia will have a far-reaching implication and become a harbinger to spread the flames of revolution all across the world.

On the other, its defeat will result in a complete demoralisation of the people not only of this region but those all across the globe. In this situation, a strong solidarity to the revolution in South Asia is the need of the day.

The following talk was given on July 2, in Istanbul, during the European Social Forum’s seminar on South Asia’s revolutions.

By Basanta (Indra Mohan Sigdel)
member, Politburo of the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist)

Dear comrades and delegates, revolutionary greetings!

I would like to take this opportunity to extend our revolutionary salutation on behalf of our party, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist), to the organiser, the European Social Forum, who invited our party to attend this august programme in Istanbul, Turkey.

In addition, I would like to extend our revolutionary greetings to the entire delegates participating in this seminar. I feel honoured to be here with all the delegates from around the world.

But, more than that I would like to utilise this opportunity to share experiences that the working class all across the world has gathered through their valiant struggles against imperialism and its anti-people and neo-colonial policies like privatisation, liberalisation and globalisation, and as well the ruling classes subservient to it.

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Two Maoist Groups in Bhutan

Posted by Mike E on June 22, 2008

Two different groups have been reported in the small Himalayan country of Bhutan. Both are called the Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM) — one led by Vikalpa and the other led by Birat. There are encampments of Bhutanese refugees in eastern Nepal where Bhutanese Maoist forces are emerging . Others seem to be operating within Bhutan itself.

The following article appeared in the newspaper People’s War  on June 6, 2008.

Bhutanese Maoists start armed revolt with serial blasts

Birtamod, June 7th: Vikalpa led Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist Leninist – Maoist) (CPB – MLM), formed in 2001, marked the start of armed revolt against autocratic Bhutanese regime with twin blasts, one near Samtse and another near the Damchen Petroleum depot near Phuentsholing in Chukha on June 5. “We are proud to initiate the armed people’s war to eradicate the regime”, quoted a release issued by party general secretary Vikalpa.

The party also confirmed the death of one of its active cadres in Chukha, declaring him the first martyr of people’s war. CPB (MLM) also said that the team commander Chandra Raj Rai alias Khandu, arrested by the security, has been undergoing treatment in the Samtse General Hospital. Read the rest of this entry »

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