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Documentary Report from a People’s War: the New People’s Army in Southern Mindanao

Posted by eric ribellarsi on July 23, 2012

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Philippines: Report from base area of the people’s war

Posted by amanezca on July 20, 2012

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Philippines: 25th Anniversary of the People Power Uprising

Posted by celticfire84 on February 26, 2011

This originally appeared on the Philippine Revolution website. The article pays tribute to the People Power uprisings that took place in Quezon City in 1986, which was a series of tremendous mass actions aimed at removing the Marcos dictatorship.  EDSA refers to Epifanio de los Santos Avenue, where over 2,000,000 people came out in opposition to the regime. There is much to learn from this experience as we watch the political events in the Middle East unfold.

On the 25th anniversary of the EDSA people power uprising

Communist Party of the Philippines
February 25, 2011

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the Filipino people in marking the 25th anniversary of the EDSA people power uprising. For four days, millions of Filipinos staged demonstrations along a stretch of EDSA and other major thoroughfares in the National Capital Region (NCR) as well as in almost all other major cities and towns across the country. These demonstrations ultimately culminated in the overthrow of the 20-year reign of the US-Marcos dictatorship. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippines Maoists Oppose Mining Companies

Posted by celticfire84 on January 18, 2011

Mining in the Philippines has been notoriously damaging. In 1996 a mining accident in Marinduque Island caused more than four million metric tons of toxic mine waste to spill from the Marcopper mine, and caused wide spread flooding.

This originally appeared on Philippine Revolution site.

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today reiterated the policy by the people’s democratic government banning all enterprises, including big foreign mining and logging firms, that engage in large-scale plunder of the natural resources, land grabbing and destruction of the environment.

The policy calls for the people’s democratic government to “ban, disable and dismantle” such firms which violate the welfare and interests of the people and disregard the rules and regulations of the people’s democratic government. These firms also connive with and use the fascist armed forces and paramilitary to protect their plunderous interests and fight the revolutionary forces.

“These, hostile, destructive and anti-people enterprises should, in fact, be expelled,” the CPP said.

The reiteration was made by the CPP amid the uproar raised by the Philippine government over reports that big, foreign mining companies are threatening to pull out their operations in protest over increases in “taxes” being imposed by the revolutionary movement. Officials of the government negotiating panel even declared that they would take up the matter in the upcoming talks with the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) in Oslo, Norway.

The CPP dismissed accusations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) that the NPA “collects taxes” from mining companies.

“Large-scale foreign mining operations in the Philippines are among the worst abusers of the environment. Their operations cause siltation and poisoning of rivers, water sources and agricultural lands and other grave destruction of the natural environment,” said the CPP.

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The Philippines: New Aquino Regime, Same U.S.-Backed Repression

Posted by celticfire84 on December 30, 2010

Kuligligs are motorized pedicabs that have become increasingly popular in the big cities. Kuligig perators in Manila fought the government’s recent order to ban kuligigs from much of the city streets. On the morning of December 1, 2010, 700 kuligligs and 2000 drivers took to Lawton Plaza in Manila to take a stand for themselves. In an effort to disperse the thousands in protest, police sprayed them with fire hoses and then violently assaulted the drivers.

Thanks to Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle for pointing this out to us.

The Aquino government continues the fascist legacy of the US-Arroyo regime, 10/12/2010

[Explanations in brackets have been added for the benefit of non-Filipino readers.–Frontlines ed.]

Jorge “Ka Oris” Madlos, Spokesperson National Democratic Front of the Philippines-Mindanao

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines in Mindanao (NDFP-Mindanao) unites with the entire Filipino nation in commemorating International Human Rights Day and remembering all activists and masses — martyrs and heroes of our time — who have fallen victims to the gravest abuses against human rights perpetrated by fascist agents and running dogs of previous and current reactionary regimes. We also join the whole Filipino people and the international community in voicing our strongest condemnation, and demand for justice to all the victims.

As we mark this day with indignation and protests, the NDFP -Mindanao, together with all revolutionary forces, strives to intensify people’s struggle to put an end to social inequity and repression that spawn grave violations against civil and political rights. The people’s struggle for basic human rights also include the right to basic necessities, such as decent food, shelter and clothing; freedom from fear; and the right to enjoy an atmosphere of peace.

Even UN Raporteur on Human Rights Philip Alston said that the reactionary bourgeois state, through its mercenary AFP [Armed Forces of the Philippines], PNP [Philippine National Police], paramilitary forces and the so-called private armies, is the biggest human rights violator in the Philippines.

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40 years of Philippine Society and Revolution

Posted by celticfire84 on December 6, 2010

Cover of Philippine Society and Revolution by Amado Guerrero

The article originally appeared on Philippine Revolution site.

Interview with Comrade Jose Maria Sison (Amado Guerrero)

by Ang Bayan

It has been 40 years since the Central Publishing House of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) first published Philippine Society and Revolution (PSR). In the past 40 years, PSR has served as the CPP’s principal reference and guide in laying down the basic principles of the two-stage revolution in the Philippines based on the analysis of concrete conditions of the semicolonial and semifeudal system. To commemorate the anniversary of PSR and reaffirm the principles it laid down, Ang Bayan decided to interview Comrade Jose Ma. Sison who, as CPP founding chair Amado Guerrero was the principal author of the PSR. Read the rest of this entry »

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An Analysis of the US Counterinsurgency Guide 2009

Posted by celticfire84 on October 21, 2010

US Special Forces training Philippine army

US Special Forces training Philippine army

This was originally in Ang Bayan, Sept. 20th, 2010.

US Counterinsurgency Guide 2009: Guide to imperialist intervention and aggression and counterrevolutionary war

Executive Committee-Central Committee,
 Communist Party of the Philippines

The US COIN Guide was issued by the US government in January 2009. It presents US imperialism’s current official doctrine in fighting revolutionary armed struggle in colonial and semicolonial countries.

It is allegedly the product of summed-up experiences in implementing “counterinsurgency” in various parts of the globe for the past 40 years and was the result of collaborative efforts of nine US government agencies and/or offices led by the Bureau of Political-Military Affairs, Department of State.

The agencies involved in writing the US COIN Guide 2009 are the Department of State, Department of Defense, Department of Justice, Department of The Treasury, Department of Homeland Security, Department of Agriculture, Department of Transportation, Office of the Director of National Intelligence and the US Agency for International Development.

Through the document, the US government speaks as a sole superpower and self-appointed international policeman. It unabashedly presents the various types and levels of interference and intervention, which are undertaken with or without the permission of the targeted subject of ‘assistance’ or client government, in the name of fighting “insurgency.”

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CPP-New People’s Army Opposes May Elections, Launches Successful Tactical Offensives

Posted by Ka Frank on March 15, 2010

The four articles that appear here–two commentaries on the elections and two reports on recent military victories over the Philippine Army–lay out the position of the Communist Party of the Philippines and its military arm, the NPA, on the upcoming national elections in May and their basic strategy to  “arouse, organize and mobilize the people in mass struggles and the armed struggle.” These articles and the CPP’s bimonthly newspaper, Ang Bayan, are available on the Philippine Revolution website.

“The NPA views elections under a reactionary state as a power struggle amongst various factions of the ruling classes. It neither participates nor can it decide the outcome of these elections. On the other hand, the NPA upholds that the genuine democratic elections that reflect the peoples’ choices take place among local organs of political power organized in revolutionary base areas in the countryside.”

Walk the talk
Chadli Molintas Command, NPA-Ilocos-Cordillera Region, March 10, 2010

Recent ridiculous allegations by the Armed Forces of the Philippines linking a presidential candidate and more than 50 politicians to the New People’s Army highlight once again the apalling ineptitude of the Arroyo regime’s propaganda and psywar machinery.

As proof, the AFP presented an intelligence report that listed the names of politicians supporting the NPA, and said a decision to support a presidential candidate in exchange for money was passed by the Communist Party of the Philippines during its anniversary meeting in barangay Aguid, Sagada, Mountain Province last December 28, 2009.

The depths from which the AFP dredges up data for its intelligence report is so murky and slimy that even its own officers are confused. The CPP anniversary is on the 26 of December, and no meeting to decide whom to endorse for president th ever took place last December in barangay Aguid or in any part of the Cordillera. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippines: CPP Calls for Advance to Strategic Stalemate in Five Years

Posted by Ka Frank on December 30, 2009

In this statement, the CPP leadership lays out an ambitious plan to increase the number of guerilla fronts from 120 to 180, expand party membership from “tens of thousands” to 200,000, and move from the strategic defensive to the strategic stalemate within five years.

Strive to Make a Great Advance in the People’s War for New Democracy

Communist Party of the Philippines, Central Committee, December 26, 2009

We celebrate today with utmost joy the 41st anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the Philippines as the revolutionary advanced detachment of the Filipino proletariat under the theoretical guidance of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism.

We are deeply gratified by the long-accumulated as well as recent victories won by the Filipino proletariat and people under the leadership of the Party in the course of the new democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. We salute and congratulate all our cadres and members and we pay the highest respects to our revolutionary martyrs and heroes for making our victories possible.

We have long proven that, by pursuing the strategic line of protracted people’s war, we can build in stages the strength of the revolutionary forces of the people and overcome the brutal campaigns of suppression unleashed by US imperialism and the local exploiting classes of big compradors and landlords. In the process, we have so far built the largest and strongest revolutionary movement of the Filipino people in the entire history of the Philippines since the revolution of 1896. Read the rest of this entry »

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Sison on People’s War and Peace Negotiations

Posted by Ka Frank on November 30, 2009

“From what I read in CPP publications, it is logical for the CPP to aim for expanding the current number of guerilla fronts to more than 170, or enough to cover every rural congressional district within the next few years. Fulfilling the political and military requirements for such an expansion would certainly mean a great advance of the people’s war and would lay the basis for a possible strategic stalemate or even a strategic offensive within the next ten years.”

Professor Jose Maria Sison: On People’s War and Peace Negotiations

Interview with Roselle Valerio, Liberation International, September 13, 2009. Posted on Arkibong Bayan.

Thank you for granting this interview in your capacity as the chief political consultant of the negotiating panel of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP). I would like to ask some questions about the status and prospects of the people’s war and the peace negotiations of the NDFP with the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP).

But first let me ask you, what is your current personal situation in exile, as a political refugee?

JMS: I am taking seriously and enjoying my role as chief political consultant of the NDFP negotiating panel, and as chairperson of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle. I do a lot of research, writing and speaking before various types of audiences. I manage to speak through Skype, Yahoo Messenger and other video-conferencing methods to audiences in the US and other countries which refuse to give me the visa. Read the rest of this entry »

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CPP hits Arroyo regime on natural and man-made disasters

Posted by Ka Frank on October 15, 2009

CPP_philippine_revolution_communist_party_maoistThis article was published on Philippine Revolution.

Intensify service to the people and revolutionary struggles in the face of disasters

Communist Party of the Philippines

October 14, 2009

The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), the New People’s Army (NPA) and all revolutionary forces throughout the country express their deepest sympathy with the millions victimized since the end of last week by the raging flood waters and landslides brought about by Typhoon Pepeng whose suffering has been aggravated by the inconsequential rescue and relief operations of the inutile reactionary government.

Last week’s disaster came close on the heels of the massive destruction wrought by Typhoon Ondoy two weeks ago. We grieve with the families of several hundreds whose lives were lost in these latest disasters.

A big majority of the victims of last week’s calamities are peasant masses among whom the CPP, the NPA and various revolutionary mass organizations are rooted. Party members, NPA Red fighters and other revolutionary forces were among the people when raging flood waters deluged their communities, homes, farms and fishing grounds. Read the rest of this entry »

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Philippine Communists: Capitalist Crisis is Excellent Conditions for Revolution

Posted by n3wday on November 5, 2008

This article was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list.

Excellent conditions for revolutionary upsurge in the face of the worsening global capitalist crisis

Communist Party of the Philippines
October 15, 2008

The world capitalist system is undergoing a deepening recession that can only result in the massive destruction of productive forces and further concentration of capital in the hands of a few. This global economic malaise is now causing production slowdowns, massive job losses, worsening impoverishment and intensified exploitation and oppression of the proletariat and ordinary people in the capitalist centers, with even worse consequences for peoples in the Third World.

The bursting of the biggest financial bubble in history and the severest financial crisis since the Great Depression have already caused the collapse and subsumption of many of the largest banks and financial
institutions, the sweeping credit crunch, the continuing meltdown of stock markets and near paralyzation of other financial markets.

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Call from the Philippines: Resist U.S. Intervention!

Posted by n3wday on October 26, 2008

This article was published on the Philippine Revolution Web Central.

Resist US military intervention in the country

American troops are permanently stationed in the country, contrary to claims that they are merely visiting. Since 2001, when the Bush regime cited the Philippines as its “second front” in the US’ global terrorist war, American troops have been pushing the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) to wage war against various armed groups in Mindanao and have had bigger and broader involvement in these wars as well.

American troops are involved in intelligence work, provide weapons and training to the AFP and directly participate in combat operations. Their permanent presence in the Philippines enables the US to prop up the puppet regime and protect US power in Southeast Asia.

The US invokes the Visiting Forces Agreement (VFA)–an agreement it exploits and circumvents at will–to justify its troops’ continued presence in the country. The American soldiers’ permanent presence is camouflaged through “joint military exercises” that are held several times a year.
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Interview with Prof. Jose Maria Sison

Posted by n3wday on July 21, 2008

This interview was made available by the Monthly Review.

Interview with Prof. Jose Maria Sison:
On His Current Status, People’s War, and Peace Negotiations
Part III
by Roselle Valerio

GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations

Q1: What is the position of the NDFP on the question of resuming the formal talks in the peace negotiations with the GRP? What is the key step towards overcoming all the impediments?

JMS: The NDFP is always ready to resume the formal talks in the peacenegotiations with the GRP in accordance with the Hague Joint Declaration and subsequent agreements, especially the Joint Agreement on Safety and Immunity Guarantees (JASIG), the Joint Agreement on the Formation, Sequence, and Operationalization of the Reciprocal Working Committees (Joint Agreement on RWCs), the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law (CARHRIHL), and the Oslo Joint Statements I and II.

The NDFP and GRP must address the roots of the armed conflict through negotiations and agreements on economic, social, political, and constitutional reforms in accordance with the agenda and methods set by the Hague Joint Declaration and the Joint Agreement on RWCs. The two negotiating parties and their principals succeeded in forging the CARHRIHL. If they muster the needed political will, they can make the comprehensive agreements on social and economic reforms (SER), on political and constitutional reforms (PCR) and on the end of hostilities and disposition of forces (EHDF).
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