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Worker #11

These documents appeared a year ago, and frame the strategies and tactics adopted by the Maoists in Nepal since then. they also include criticism and polemics from various forces within the international communist movement. (Props to N3wday for all the work of posting these, and Single Spark for providing the files.)

Communist Party Nepal (Maoist) – Worker #11 (July 2007)


6 Responses to “Worker #11”

  1. the cold lamper said

    What happened to the Single Spark Collective? appears to be for sale. All the articles listed above are gone. ‘:(‘

  2. Mike E said

    Cold Lamper (and everyone else too!):
    You can start your own thread for questions like this on Kasama threads.

    That way you aren’t forced to post on a thread that doesn’t quite relate, and your question doesn’t get lost.

    The whole idea of Kasama Threads is that they are open for you to post questions and comments independent of the threads on the other Kasama sites.

  3. the cold lamper said

    Sorry ’bout that, I was going to make a thread but I wasn’t sure which forum it belonged in.

    At any rate, the question is now kinda moot — I figured out their new domain. Looks like they haven’t yet reproduced their Nepal materials, though.

  4. […] Worker #11 […]

  5. […] Perhaps the best articles from the CPN-Maoist in this regard are “Politico-Economic Rationale of People’s War in Nepal” and “New Democratic Revolution and the Theory of People’s War“. Also helpful are the articles in the most recent issue (July 2007, number 11) of the CPN-Maoist’s theoretical journal, The Worker. […]

  6. Good Articles Of The Worker

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