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The Worker 11: Chairman Com. Prachanda’s speech on May Day 2007

Chairman Com. Prachanda’s speech on May Day 2007

A great nation does not form in the air. For the formation of a great nation its people have to go through big struggles, and great sacrifices. The Nepalese people have appeared sharp and radiant many times in the ordeals of sacrifices continuously from the time around 1950 till today. Regularly for ten years in the past, the best sons and daughters of Nepali people have shed their blood in course of the great people’s War, and in the same course the Nepalese people have developed a great new thought. The great thought that arose out of the sacrifices has begun quite a new process of the formation of new Nepal.

The twelve point agreement was a wonderful and unprecedented type of understanding in history. The twentieth century never saw such a type of unique understanding that has been proved in history. Long way up to this period of history, the thought that felt responsibility towards the nation and its people with the great sacrifices in order to fulfil the people’s aspirations of peaceful transformation, and the same thought valorously opened a new front of the struggle as a new process of sacrifice. The thought has arisen upon a strong pedestal of the sacrifices of the great martyrs. The thought is built from the blood of thousand wounded warriors. The thought has been invented by the contributions of thousands of revolutionaries who were taken in disappearance by the state. The same thought synthesized all thoughts of the 20th century above all the thought process by initiating totally a new movement guided by the same thought we forwarded the concept of the constituent Assembly, the concept of the republic and the vision of the advanced restructuring of the state. Likewise, we spoke for the solution to the racial, gender, regional and class problems. We transformed the war into peace. We came forward to an absolutely new frontier of struggle. The whole world fell flat. To see the miracle of the Nepalese people’s movement and their initiatives, many so called big world powers and so called big scholars felt terrorised.

Now, after the year old process of a new struggle, a network of conspiracy is being woven against the twelve point agreement and against the peace negotiation of November 8, 2006. During the people’s war we had said that the election of the constituent assembly was the only scientific way to give a peaceful vent to the conflict of ideology, conflict of arms and the conflicts between different classes. We, time and again, emphasized on the election of constituent assembly as a foundation or a method of peace and advancement, for which thousands of people sacrificed their lives. We came down and went on making agreements at Baluwatar with complete patience, seriousness and responsibility. We
went on making more and more agreements. I feel that sometimes you too might have been startled by the way we signed the agreements, we went to the extent of making you feel and doubt what is happening, how much flexible we have been! We wanted to give solutions in a scientific way to the nation being formed on the sacrifices of thousands of great martyrs. We solved the conflict with a very new thought. We occupied a major space in the parliament and then in the cabinet. No sooner had we come up to the cabinet than, we see, the election of constituent assembly has been pushed back. We had only taken the responsibility of the cabinet when we realized that a conspiracy to encircle the
Maoist and mortify it to its total destruction but we put every conspiracy aside and moved forward from the labyrinth. During the course we had to face a heinous Gaur massacre. We kept patience. Now the country has been a hostage of political deadlock. Our people’s liberation army is now in the cantonment. Any foreign politician, who has any human feeling, would say that the commanders of the people’s liberation army that have arduously fought in the frontiers for ten years are deprived of the basic human needs living in the middle of the jungles in the inhumane conditions.

Now, YCL is being tagged as a synonym of terror. We had only started the process of transformation of the society that you see in the communication media that the YCL has involved itself in the activities of collecting dirt and garbage, widening the encroached roads, facilitating traffic like creative and constructive deeds, when a few technical incidents have been scandalized to spread terror against the YCL. We are witnessing that in the villages there are attempts of conspiracy of spreading terror with not evidential claims. What we are repeatedly saying is that the 8 party alliance must not be broken. There are still some alternatives, truly to say there is still a way out to transform the nation into New Nepal in a peaceful way. Therefore, we have been saying let’s declare republic from the interim parliament and fix the date for the constituent assembly election. This can only be the strong base for the new unity of the 8 party political solidarity. The Constituent Assembly election is not only for the declaration of the republic, but also for the new and advanced formation of the nation.

The problems of classes, races, regions, gender is the great work of constructing prosperous nation by establishing the sovereign power to the people. Therefore, let’s declare the republic from 8 party alliance, from interim parliament. Let’s announce the people for the rally of our victory. If the feudal regressive elements are not ready to abandon the palace, we don’t need the whole army but the appeal of 8 parties to the mass of Nepalese people is more than sufficient, which will sweep away all conspiracies of the regressive elements.

We are still saying patiently that the people’s Liberation Army has been legalized by the interim constitution as the army of the nation; then why is it still being treated as the rival force? Why is it not taken as the nation’s army and nation’s army force, where as an agreement has been already made in the lines why are the warriors of the cantonment not taken as the state property? Why are they being humiliated? We have said it in the 8 party alliance and in the government. Every time we are asked to give back confiscated properties and we have also asserted that let’s solve the peasants’ problems along with the return of the seized lands, we are ready to implement the agreement but when
the constituent assembly election failed to take place in mid-June 2007.

The old base of unity of 12 point agreement has been broken and new base must be looked for. The only new base can be the declaration of republic from the parliament. We are not longing again for the war. We are envisioning the development of revolution by considering the peoples’ desire for peace and all present international situation.

Maoism is a potential thought. It is an absolutely a new thought in Nepal. This is not only a new thought for Nepal but also to the whole present day world. I have, time and again, said in the public that we will be flexible to the extreme and equally rigid to the extreme if it needs to be. The regressive and the reactionary elements even with the 8 parties seem to have taken our flexibility and accountability as our weakness. They have tried to take it as an ordeal of ours. This is also going to the extreme. If they don’t understand our sense of accountability, our measures for constructing new nation and our flexibility, CPN (Maoist) will burst out in the cabinet, in the cantonment and in the parliament. Does any body have the guts to stop it? For the reactionary the thought of the CPN (Maoist) is not easy to tackle with. Maoist won’t be easy for the reactionaries. If they have thought it easy of thinking that they have brought the Maoist, included and inserted it, hark now! It is not easy.

If anybody wants to witness our harshness, come in front openly. We don’t want those who consider our accountability as a weakness, who run after foreign gesticulations, and those who want to make our mother land Nepal as a playing ground of foreign games. We don’t want them.

We are ready to die but not to bow down our heads. We have performed our responsibility towards the people but not surrendered ourselves to anybody. We are going to develop a great thought of the 21st century. It is not the matter of making any undue compromise with any body nor losing our dignity in front of any body. The 1st day of May is the day of dragging the emperor down from the horse back. The last fight of the hero and the villain is still to take place. Maoist is not easy for the reactionaries. The Maoist is not easy for the brokers and agents of the imperialists. Please, don’t get think that the Maoist will bow down or step down. If you have any suspicion, it is wrong. Don’t run after the propaganda of the reactionaries.</p>

It is a big illusion to think that the thought in the Nepalese history has been built upon the
great sacrifices of thousands of great martyrs will bow down. The whole mass, the thought that has been developed through the legacy of history, the revolutionary leaders and the line of the revolutionary cadres are ready to face any type of catastrophe that I would like to explain to you clearly. I will talk to the United Nations. When I talk to others they feel surprised to know that thirty one thousand youths are inhumanly living in the physically difficult situations. People exclaim why they are living in such an appalling condition, and they tell me that they have never seen such a disciplined army. If some body thinks that the great army is a weakness, and our feeling of responsibility too is a weakness our commitment to the constituent assembly is a weakness and our honesty also is a weakness, he will follow the same destiny like Gyanendra. We will not bend
down. We will never tolerate, on case we are undermined.


Dear friends of working class! Dear students and respected peoples! It is a casting only, we are ready to fight. We will fight in totally a new way. We will fight in the way of the 20th century. Our fight will be expensive even for America. Our fight won’t be as easy as they have thought. Respected people’s communities! We swear that we will carry on this fight to the apex. The only way to give a peaceful solution to the nation is to strengthen the unity of the eight parties. This is our proposal. Let’s declare the republic from the parliament and order the people to gherao the Narayanhiti palace. We have registered our proposal for republic in the parliament what I also tell you is that we may have to surround the Singhdarbar too. In order to pass the resolution of the republic, we may have to go to the Narayanhiti palace from here. They might have been conspiring upon us, but we don’t have any fear. They have created disturbances and turmoil in the name of
Medhesi movement, Chure Bhawar etc in building a great nation and a great thought. We can solve these problems in a minute. We want that nobody should try to take our test any longer; no more test of our patience and flexibility. It will be costly for the reactionaries. We are not here to bow down.

We have not got defeated. The eight point agreement has been made on the strength of our thought. It is our claim, for which nobody has to have any illusion. Do you know how was the twelve point understanding made? We know how was the situation developed, that we know! The elements who only involved themselves in the corrupt practices are notorious in history. They don’t have any vision to lead the nation ahead. They seem to be taking our sense of accountability towards the people as a joke. These disgraced forces should not give any certificate of recognition to the Maoist. The people’s recognition is acceptable for the Maoists. We don’t accept the so called recognition given to us by the reactionaries. Therefore, respected peoples! The need of the new revolution for the formation of New Nepal has been strongly visibly, we have said how we can take the industries, roads and hydropower ahead to the developed stage. We can sketch the planned development of the new nation. For 20 years. We have expressed our sincere commitment but the same notorious elements that have sunk into corruption from top to toe are trying to defame us. They have started plotting disturbances. We can’t tolerate it. What have the Nepali Congress hardliners done to this country? They are making our thousands of warriors of the PLA go hungry in the cantonment. They are not worried for that. The landlords who live in mansions want to have their lands returned. They should
understand that the Maoist is not an easy thing for them. We said long ago that we have to go on a different front, from the constituent assembly to fulfill the historical responsibility about satisfying the desires of the people when we had said it, there were only about 1700 people killed. We had said the constituent assembly even when we sat for the talks the first time. If they had agreed to go for the constituent assembly, the thirteen thousand people had not lost their lives. We have come back here witness it peacefully. There was war in South Africa, but a peaceful settlement was made. About eleven hundred people were killed in less than a month of the Peace process there. But in Nepal the number is negligible. The CPN (Maoist) is the only such disciplined party in the world that has not killed others during the peace process. Instead, we have been killed
at several places. Does it not have to be taken into account? Friends of journalism, isn’t it a way to push the Maoist into the war by continuously blaming the party? Are we responsible not to hold the constituent election? We have kept our fighters in the cantonment for the last five months. Many of them have been crushed under the fallen trees in the storms many are killed by the snake bite. Many PLA fighters have to remain awake at nights to watch the snakes crawling into the cantonments. Don’t you have to focus on such pathetic conditions, journalist friends! Don’t you have to write about it? Why do you follow the corrupt ones who have mustered millions and billions of rupees?
Therefore, it is a trailer only, the real film is yet to start. A last fight between the hero and
the villain is coming up. If the eight parties did not understand in time, I would like to announce you, that there will certainly be a new type of fight. It will be a great war of the 21st century. The history will witness, the world will see it. Over the past ten years Nepal had done a miracle. Next miracle was in the 19 day movement and it will make third miracle too, and give a new message to the world.

Therefore, let’s not believe the false propaganda of the reactionaries and revivalists. We are going to give a trailer of the programmes of the movement. For 12th to 25th of Baisakh, there will be a trailer of publicity and from 25th to the first week of Baisakh there will be a trailer of peoples’ mobilization. Even if the eight party alliance does not realize, there will be the show of the real film. No force of the world will be able to stop us.

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