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The Worker 11: Statement of CPN (M) on Gaur massacre

Statement of CPN (M) on Gaur massacre

Yesterday on April 4, 2007 an armed gang of so called Madhesi Jana Adhikar Forum in a ghastly armed attack has massacred 28 people of Madhesi Liberation Front, local cadres and sympathizers and has seriously wounded about 50 people, who came to attend an open mass meeting organized by Madheshi Liberation Front at Mill open field in Gaur the head quarter of Rautahat district. Our Party condemns the heinous massacre and declares the great heroes to those who lost their lives as martyrs and expresses our heart felt condolence to the bereaved families. We also express our best wishes for the quick recovery of those who are wounded.

There is no doubt that the massacre was the conspiracy and collaboration among royal regressive elements, Indian Hindu fundamentalists, and foreign regressive elements that are against the peace process. It is because in this crime the weapon distributed by the former royal regime to form anti-peoples’ war elements, so called Resistant Committee was used. Indian Hindu fundamentalists openly came with weapons through the open border to be involved in this peoples’ massacre. In this kind of serious incident in the headquarter in which there was attack for hours the government security agencies remained silent spectators and watched the incident which is very serious.

Therefore there is no doubt that the Gaur massacre is the conspiracy and grand design of Indian fundamentalist Hindus and foreign regressive elements who do not want peace, republic and progress. These elements want to harm national sovereignty and regional integrity of Nepal. So, this incident has again firmly justified the need to establish republic by overthrowing monarchy. Realizing this objective there is a need that all the republic forces should proceed towards this goal. Royal regressive forces should be severely punished and criminal gang, Madeshi Jana Adhikar Forum formed by Hindu fundamentalists to harm national sovereignty should be punished and the criminals should also be severely punished. 28 promising brave sons should be declared national martyrs, affected family should be given appropriate compensation and the treatment of those wounded should be immediately arranged. Besides, in order to stop this kind of anti national element’s crime against people the open border should be immediately checked, and all the weapons of so called Resistance Committee formed to resist the Peoples’ War should be confiscated by the Government. In order to check this kind of crime around the border area effective peace should be established according to the agreement of all the parties that participated in the movement and that are in favour of republic. Those administrative officers who became the silent spectators and encouraged the heinous massacre that happened in the headquarter itself should also be punished.

Finally, these kinds of serious antinational massacre which try to repeat Doramba massacre has made us furious. This massacre has left far behind the middle age fascist cruelty. In spite of this we are patient and restraint for the sake of constituent assembly, republic, peace and advancement. But if our patience and restraint is considered as our weakness and again these kinds of anti national, peoples’ massacre is continued we are ready to face any kind of challenge to protect sovereignty, and to establish peoples republic and for peace and advancement and we will be forced to raise our movement from new height. Expressing our commitment to fulfill the dreams of the great martyrs we heartily request all the patriotic and democratic masses to change the present sorrow
into energy.


Chairman, C.P.N. (Maoist

Masses paying tribute to Martyrs of Gaur Massacre

Funeral procession of Martyrs

Martyrs of Gaur Massacre

Note: The names of martyrs will be published within a few weeks.

One Response to “The Worker 11: Statement of CPN (M) on Gaur massacre”

  1. Revolutionary J said

    Kindly give some more detail about the hindu fundamentalists, who have taken part in the massacre. This information will help to unmask them in India.

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