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The Worker 11: Communist Party of Turkey/ML

Revolutionary Greeting Message from TKP/ML Central Committee

Dear Comrades, we greet the conference that is held under the name “Imperialism and proletarian revolution in the 21st Century” with revolutionary enthusiasm and communist consciousness.

Dear Comrades and respected guests of this conference;

As we are in the beginning of the 21st century and if we consider the historical period we are in, we can say that we are in the fore days of new socialist revolutions. This historical period was about more then 150 years ago bravely laid out by the Communist Manifesto with the words:

“Communists don’t condescend from their goals or views. They openly declare that their goals can only be reached if present society conditions are abolished by force. Let the ruling classes tremble from the fear of a communist revolution. The proletariat has nothing to lose but its chains and it has a whole world to win”.

With this call, there were a series of revolutions that were realised, and these revolutions really were the fear of the ruling classes — or as a Turkish expression says: Tremble like an aspen leaf. The results of capitalist restorations that occurred after some revolutions gave the ruling classes time to take a breath but they haven’t thrown away their “just fears”.

Yes, the ruling classes openly announced this and what they also did successfully in practice exaggerated the situation of capitalist restoration. Without a doubt, they announced “the end of revolution” as a product of their class rancour and accrued rage.

The propaganda like sayings that “classes have vanished”, “ideologies have died”, “revolution and socialism are defeated” are a product of their counter-revolutionary efforts. On the other side they make themselves believe in these lies.

Exactly for this reason, the bourgeoisie has exaggerated the reversals of former socialist powers that were realised after the accomplishment of revolutions by the working class and oppressed people. The efforts to avert a thousand years of development — historical-materialism — went into hopeless anti-propaganda. This anti-propaganda included the denial of the glorious oppressed mass uprisings and their experiments of power. But can lived facts and historical realities be forgotten? Can the reality that the proletariat and oppressed masses realized various revolutions in an important part of the 20th century and even more, practiced and administrated power, be denied?

Without any doubt, revolutions like the ones in Russia and China are of great importance for the development of human history. The experiences and lessons taken from the former socialist powers and their practice cannot be hidden by the cheap propaganda of the ruling classes. These experiences and lessons have long been written in the consciousness of the proletariat and the oppressed masses. Let the ruling classes deny this historical past. Let them declare that ideologies have died, revolution and socialist thoughts have ended, and that classes have vanished. They persuade themselves by telling themselves lies. They will see that their lies will not provide them any benefit in the 21st century.

Our party analyses this period with all its positive and negative aspects. We are not fooling ourselves, nor are we running behind utopias without getting any results. We are living in revolutionary reality. And this revolutionary reality allows us to stand strong against the capitalist restorations that happened in powers that were formed by the proletariat and the oppressed masses based on a correct line.

Our party views the restorations in socialist powers as results and understands that this can always change. Our party carries the consciousness that in socialist society the period of who will win, either the socialist way or the capitalist way, has not been decided, and for that reason defends the necessity of the continuity of class struggle under socialism. And exactly because of this reason, to stabilise revolutions under proletarian dictatorship means to defend the realisation of new proletarian cultural revolutions.

The GPCR was a total dictatorship over the new bourgeoisie. This was not just an ideological and political mobilisation, it was a broad and deep battle that lasted for years and that won over the masses and advanced on the economic, military and cultural fronts too. It was a rough and constrained way, constrained because  the bourgeoisie was exactly in the party and state organs and even in the leadership. It is for this reason, in the first years of the GPCR, in the year 1967, in a speech to the political bureau central committee, Chairman Mao said: “What would you do if it is revisionism that designates the central committee? This is very likely. This is the biggest danger.” The responsible headquarters that had deviated from its goal and the masses had been described.

There is one point that should clearly be underlined. Revisionism and any kind of opportunism can never be successful against Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!  As soon as these understandings deviated from the principles of MLM, as they tried to change or soften these principles, they went on to lose. The real issue here mainly is how much MLM and its science is defended or not, or with an even better expression how much the CPs increase their struggle in the direction of the science of MLM.

It needs t0 be deeply understood that in conformity with the reality that socialism has been embedded in the consciousness of the masses, revisionism has — especially recently — taken new and broader forms of attacks. Especially the matter of class struggle under socialism needs to be examined through experience. A socialist construction policy that relies on the mass struggle, a Communist Party that is shaped by the mass struggle, taking the two line struggle inside the party with the participation of the masses and that leads the masses with the understanding of the cultural revolution–these areanswers to today’s questions and should be handled in that way. This underlines the reality that the masses are the leading force in the history of class struggle.

People’s war theory should today parallel new question and questions and should be carried forward in order to turn this struggle into a mass struggle. There has been in the previous years successful results won by people’s war led by Maoists that correctly researched and acknowledged that victories that are won are scientific socialism victories. This means to issue people’s wars as a matter of an International.

One of these countries is Nepal. Today the CPN (M) has taken 80% of the country’s power, and the CPN (M) marches with the support of the masses towards power.

In a time when imperialism and its lackeys/collaborators have increased their war of aggression, when they spread lies like “ideologies have died”, “the end of history” and when the wind of liquidation is blowing strongly, the people’s wars that are being waged in Nepal, India, Philippines, Turkey and Turkey-Kurdistan under the leadership of MLM, the advancing Iraq resistance which has become a blind alley for US and England imperialism, the uprisings in Latin America, the workers and students strikes inside the EU in Italy, France and Germany, the struggle of the migrants against the racist laws–all these struggles are a hope and a source of inspiration for the oppressed people in the world and the international proletariat.

Against the distortion of Marxism, to try to distort the revolutionary principles of Marxism and instead bring about a conciliatory, peaceful, legal Marxism, stands in front of the CPs as an undeniable task of the ICM to wage an ideological struggle in all fields in the international arena. If from these struggles victory emerges, it will not just be that revolution and socialism will gain back their old magic and appeal; at the same time, it will bring back the old esteem of revolutionary Marxism and also will bring back its honour.

Long Live Proletarian Internationalism!

Long Live the Glorious Struggle of the Nepali People!

Long Live Marxism-Leninism-Maoism!

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