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Arundhati Roy: India’s Democracy is a Charade

Posted by redpines on May 25, 2011

In this piece from The Wall Street Journal, writer and public intellectual Arundhati Roy continues her defense of India’s Maoists and tribal peoples, while criticizing the Indian state, its upper classes and capitalism in general.

“We are living in a country where simultaneously we are trying to make the discourse of democracy sophisticated while we are colonizing ourselves”

Arundhati Roy on Indian Democracy, Maoists

by Krishna Pokharel

Writer and activist Arundhati Roy, winner of the 1997 Man Booker prize for “The God of Small Things,” is undoubtedly India’s iconoclast no.1. During the launch of her two latest books—“Broken Republic” and “Walking With the Comrades” —on Friday evening, she came to the defence of the military tactics of India’s Maoists in her polemical best:

“When you have 800 CRPF [Central Reserve Police Force, a paramilitary force deployed to fight country’s internal insurgencies] marching three days into the forest; surrounding a forest village and burning it and raping women, what are the poor supposed to do? Can the hungry go on a hunger strike? Can people who have no money boycott goods? What sort of civil disobedience we are asking them to adhere to?” Read the rest of this entry »

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Indian Maoists Fight Mining & Destruction

Posted by redpines on May 17, 2011

This short article is remarkable for what it says about the resilience of India’s Maoists and tribal communities, who are often one and the same.

For a decade, a Maoist-controlled area in Jharkand, not far from some of India’s industrial strongholds, has been off limits to the state and captalist mining interests. The Maoists’ continued defense of these territories has likely prevented these interests from displacing tribal communities and destroying of their land. One police officer noted:

“If we have knowledge of mineral reserves, many private and public sector undertakings would be interested in taking up mining projects.”

The article originally appeared in The Times of India.

* * * * * *

Govt helpless as Maoists stall state mineral reserve survey

by Sanjay Ojha

May 17, 2011, 12.45pm

RANCHI: Survey on the state’s rich mineral reserves has been stalled because of Maoist-induced resistance by villagers. Though the state possesses rich reserves of iron ore, coal, mica, bauxite and uranium, the government is in no position to give details of the sources even 10 years after formation of the state of Jharkhand.

Sources in state mining and geology department allege serveral attempts in the past to assess the rich resources, enough to meet raw material requirement of industries for decades to come, have failed due to non-cooperation from villagers. “Whenever officials tried to assess the reserves, villagers opposed it. Our officers were not allowed to drill the crust in remote villages and deep forests,” said a source.

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India: Comrade Azad’s reponse to a reactionary

Posted by redpines on May 16, 2011

“How is it that the illiterate, seemingly uncivilised, backward, half-naked adivasi thinks, analyses and acts a lot better than an established, well-read, highly qualified intellectual like Verghese?…

“Verghese is a typical example of the self-proclaimed civilisers of modern-day India, akin to the white ‘civilisers’ of yesteryear, who would have been the pride of a Rudyard Kipling.

“He reveals this colonial mindset by vehemently arguing in favour of the civilising mission of the corporate sharks and the Indian State to transform the poor, backward adivasis from savages into civilised people through a ‘development’ that destroys people’s economy, social life, culture and all human values.”

Azad (Cherukuri Rajkumar) was a  leader of revolutionary struggles over several decades, with the CPI(Maoist) and some of its predecessor organizations. Until he was murdered by the Indian state in 2010, he was a tireless defender of the oppressed in India.

The following piece, published posthumously in Outlook shows Azad to have been an eloquent opponent of reactionary ideologies  until his death. Here, he confronts the colonial policies still pervasive in India. These  policies include, Azad notes, a  “scheme of development that displaces the adivasis and destroys their lives, lands and cultures.”

 A brief bio of Azad can be found here. And a pdf book of Azad’s writings is available here.

A Last Note To A Neo-Colonialist

by Azad

Reading B.G. Verghese’s article “Daylight at the Thousand-Star Hotel” in Outlook (May 3), one is stunned by the abysmal poverty of thought and colonial mindset of this renowned intellectual. How is it that the illiterate, seemingly uncivilised, backward, half-naked adivasi thinks, analyses and acts a lot better than an established, well-read, highly qualified intellectual like Verghese? Read the rest of this entry »

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LCP Brazil demonstration in support of Indian Maoists

Posted by redpines on May 14, 2011

On May 1 in São Paulo, Brazil, the Liga dos camponeses pobres (League of poor peoples) led a demonstration in solidarity with the CPI(Maoist) and the adivasi peoples of India. Thanks to Eric for alerting us to this video, which originally appeared at Frontlines of Revolutionary Struggle.

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India Puts Tight Leash on Internet Free Speech

Posted by celticfire84 on May 9, 2011

The Indian government has actively worked to suppress opposing voices such a those from the Communist Party of India (Maoist)

This comes from the website of the International Campaign Against War on the People in India.  Click here for some background material about the revolution in India.

NY Times: India Puts Tight Leash on Internet Free Speech

MUMBAI, India — Free speech advocates and Internet users are protesting new Indian regulations restricting Web content that, among other things, can be considered “disparaging,” “harassing,” “blasphemous” or “hateful.”

The new rules, quietly issued by the country’s Department of Information Technology earlier this month and only now attracting attention, allow officials and private citizens to demand that Internet sites and service providers remove content they consider objectionable on the basis of a long list of criteria.

Critics of the new rules say the restrictions could severely curtail debate and discussion on the Internet, whose use has been growing fast in India. Read the rest of this entry »

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Press Release: Condemn the Illegal Detention of CPI(Maoist) Leaders!

Posted by celticfire84 on May 9, 2011

This originally appeared on the website of the International Campaign Against War on the People in India.

Indian Maoist soldier engaged in study. The CPI(Maoist) are engaged in a People's War against the oppressive Indian State.


PRESS RELEASE (30/04/2011) —

Condemn the Illegal Detention of Central Committee Members of the CPI (Maoist) Vijay Kumar (Jaspal), Varanasi Subramaniam (Saroj), Jhantu Mukherjee along with Three Villagers by the Bihar Police!
Demand the Immediate Production of the Six before a Court of Law! Read the rest of this entry »

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India: Orissa Increases State Repression

Posted by celticfire84 on April 11, 2011

Map of the Indian State of Orissa

This article comes from Indian Express. In outlines the heavy handed repression against the Naxalite movement. This particular piece is a bourgeois news report and we should always use caution when reading such reports. It does reveal however that the growing Naxalite movement is a serious threat to the repressive Indian regime.

Orissa govt resumes offensive against Maoists

In its first-ever offensive after the uneasy truce in February this year, the Orissa Police on Sunday raided a Maoist camp at a reserve forest in the mineral-rich Keonjhar district and seized a huge quantity of gelatine explosives.

Follwing a tip-off that eight to 10 Maoists of the Kainganagar division were camping at the Bali Hill area near Rebana reserve forests, a platoon of CRPF personnel, local police and the district voluntary force (DVF) comprising former special operation group (SOG) men, raided the Maoist camps on Saturday evening.

The Maoists were having dinner when the police team arrived. However, the rebels managed to flee under the cover of darkness.

“We seized 72 gelatine sticks, several detonators and some handgrenades as well as seven kit bags. The Maoists could not take away anything. This is the biggest haul from any Maoist camp in the district,” said Keonjhar SP Ashis Kumar Singh. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hearts on Fire: Arundhati Roy on the Women Rebels of India

Posted by redpines on March 1, 2011

A comrade

The support of women has been essential to the continued strength of India’s CPI(Maoist). The following excerpts from Arundhati Roy’s groundbreaking piece of literary journalism, Walking with the Comrades, describe the role of women in the formation of the party and also provide a  glimpse into the lives of female party members and some of the state-sponsored repression they face.
Excerpts from Arundhati Roy

Jungle post arrives. There’s a biscuit for me! It’s from Comrade Venu. On a tiny piece of paper, folded and refolded, he has written down the lyrics of a song he promised he would send me. Comrade Narmada smiles when she reads them. She knows this story. It goes back to the ’80s, around the time when people first began to trust the party and come to it with their problems—their ‘inner contradictions’, as Comrade Venu put it. Women were among the first to come. One evening an old lady sitting by the fire got up and sang a song for the dada log. She was a Maadiya, among whom it was customary for women to remove their blouses and remain bare-breasted after they were married.

Jumper polo intor Dada, Dakoniley
Taane tasom intor Dada, Dakoniley
Bata papam kittom Dada, Dakoniley
Duniya kadile maata Dada, Dakoniley

(They say we cannot keep our
blouses, Dada, Dakoniley
They make us take them off, Dada,
In what way have we sinned, Dada,
The world’s changed, has it not Dada)

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India’s Maoists: End Police Murder & Capitalist Destruction of Nature

Posted by redpines on January 28, 2011

Note: the state of  ‘Odisha’ is also known as ‘Orissa’. The MoUs referred to in the article are ‘memorandums of understanding’, or documents describing bilateral or multilateral agreements. Thanks to Banned Thought for making the statement available. Posting here does not imply endorsement.

Adivasi woman in the forests of Orissa



Press Release

January 12, 2011

Condemn the indiscriminate killings and fake encounters
by the police and paramilitary forces in Odisha !

People would surely defeat the conspiracy of Naveen Patnaik
to hand over the natural resources of Odisha to the Corporations
by decimating the Maoist revolutionary movement !

As part of the massive offensive Operation Green Hunt being conducted in coordination by the central and state governments with the avowed aim of decimating the Maoist revolutionary movement completely, the special police and paramilitary forces have resorted to indiscriminate killings in the past two months in Odisha and have taken nearly 25 lives in cold-blood in various incidents. Of these most of them were fake encounters while others were incidents where hundreds of police and paramilitary were deployed with specific information about the whereabouts of the guerillas and fired indiscriminately on the guerillas and the people with them. Read the rest of this entry »

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Offical India’s Poster Scare: Maoists Defy Cops in Kolkata

Posted by redpines on January 18, 2011

Maoists are gaining influence in West Bengal

Originally published in The Times of India

Maoist posters at Metro stations, cops red-faced

KOLKATA: Maoist posters and a banner were found at several places in the city, including the walls of Chandni Chowk and Central Metro stations early on Tuesday. An embarrassed city police couldn’t explain how the posters were pasted within metres of police kiosks.

This is the second time in about a month that Maoists activists or sympathizers have given the police a rude wake-up call. Earlier, after the arrest of CPI (Maoist) state secretary Sudeep Chongdar alias Kanchan, posters were found at Nandan and The Academy of the Fine Arts, the city’s culture hub and a daily after-work destination of the chief minister.

The handwritten posters found on Tuesday warn that the culprits of the Netai killings will be punished in their peoples court: “Netai gonohatyay jukto harmader gana adalate bichar kora hobe.”

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India’s Maoists: “We will Talk About Justice”

Posted by Rosa Harris on April 6, 2008

Govidan Kutty, editor of People\'s March, IndiaNote from Ka Frank: In this speech, Govindan Kutty describes his experience in jail in Kerala until his release on February 24, as a result of an intense campaign exposing his jailing as an attack on freedom of press in India. Kutty also relates how he received warm support from political prisoners serving long terms in Viyyur jail, and how this support speeded his release. The speech was delivered at the founding meeting of the Committee for the Release of Political Prisoners, held New Delhi March 31-April 1 2008.

By P. Govindan Kutty, Editor, People’s March, India

Dear friends, Let them talk about law……………. We will talk about justice.

You all know very well that I bring out People’s March from Jun 2003 which is legal magazine Registered with the Registrar of Newspapers of Government of India and is permitted to post at concessional rates by the Postal Department. It was also put on our dedicated web from Jun 2003. From the very beginning my residence was put under the vigilance scanner of the Government of India. The CBI, IB and Special Branch sleuths used to come to my residence regularly under the pretext of getting a copy of People’s March.

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Dave Pugh: Nandigram and the Struggle against Forced Displacement in India

Posted by Rosa Harris on April 4, 2008

farmernadigram3.jpgby Dave Pugh

In January and March 2007, tens of thousands of peasants at Nandigram in West Bengal, India rose up to defend their land. By the time their struggle abated, the peasants had stopped the plans of the Left Front government in West Bengal to build a giant chemical complex on their land, and they had driven the police and the armed cadre of the CPI (Marxist) entirely out of the Nandigram area for eight months. This struggle radically transformed the political terrain in the growing struggle against the hundreds of “Special Economic Zones” that are being planned and built from one end of India to another.

Based on legislation passed in 2005, Special Economic Zones are enclaves of new industry and infrastructure. SEZs offer hefty exemptions from taxes on profits, no tariffs, and exemptions from most labor legislation. Since SEZs are treated as “public service utilities,” strikes are illegal. SEZs are aptly called Special Exploitation Zones by Indian activists because they allow big Indian capitalists and multinational corporations to extract high rates of profit from their workers and plunder India’s natural resources. Though not yet on the same scale as the sprawling economic zones of southeast China, over 500 SEZs have been approved by the Central and State authorities. Most of them are under construction or in the process of land acquisition.

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Rough Notes on the Indian Communist Movement

Posted by Rosa Harris on March 29, 2008

redindia.jpgThese are notes from a presentation by G.N. Saibaba on the history and current lines of different trends among communists in India. Saibaba is the Deputy Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), an All Indian Federation of Revolutionary People’s Organisations. Thanks to the Fire on the Mountain blog for making these notes available. Feel free to comment or expand on these notes.

1. The communist movement in India today

There are three different main streams in the revolutionary movement:

a. CPI (Maoist) – follows the line of People’s War steadfastly and surging forward.

b. CPI (ML) Naxalbari, CT, PCC (ML) and others like CPCRML who are close to the Maoist party in terms of line to a greater or lesser extent.

Also Red Flag – Communist Revolutionary Platform, CPI (ML) Central Team, and CPM (ML) New Democracy — these are all small, but they have a small mass base. They partake in mass struggles but do not conduct armed struggle at present. They are right deviationist in the understanding of the Maoists.

CPI (ML) Liberation is now fast turning revisionist, a fairly large party mainly in Bihar.

There are no left deviationist groups remaining in India. There used to be some Lin Piao groups, they hardly exist anymore.c. Communist League of India (ML) split from the CPI (ML) originally in the 1970s. They believe that India is a capitalist country. They split into five different groups. They are small and work in urban pockets.

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Interview: An Inside Look at Maoist Strategy in India

Posted by Rosa Harris on March 29, 2008

farmernadigram.jpgThis is an interview with G.N. Saibaba, the Deputy Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), an All Indian Federation of Revolutionary People’s Organisations. He is 40 years old and was born in Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. The new Norwegian party Rødt [Red!] conducted this interview in early December when Saibaba was in Norway for the memorial service for Tron Øgrim. The interview was conducted in English. Thanks to the Fire on the Mountain blog for posting it.

Red!: If someone said to you that the Maoist movement in India is a marginal movement that is mainly operating in very backward, lowly populated areas, and it has been doing so for over thirty-five years without getting anywhere, what would be your answer?

Saibaba:The Maoist movement in India is not confined to the backward areas. It’s a vast movement, and includes the “developed” areas. Maoists work both in the countryside and the cities. The government says that the Maoists are active in 15 out of 28 states. And these include the major states. The Union Home Ministry says that 167 districts out total 600 districts in the country are covered by Maoists. This is a little less than 1/3 of India.

The Maoists in India follow the New Democratic Revolutionary method proved successful in China under the leadership of Mao. This method follows that the revolutionary movement must put priority on working in the areas where the state is weak. The Maoists work in the backward regions to smash the local reactionaries’ power and establish people’s power. They build revolutionary mass bases in these backward areas. This doesn’t mean that they don’t also work in the cities. In fact, in the Congress of the CPI (Maoist) held in January/February 2007, they decided to increase their work in the urban areas. They have produced a new document concerning work in the urban areas that analyses the work done in the last thirty years. This document sets out a strategy for developing the work in the urban areas.

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