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Nepal Interview With KOE Greek Revolutionary

Posted by hetty7 on August 2, 2011

Without a people's army, the poor and oppressed are defenceless against the army of the rich

This article is from The Red Star Vol. 1 #11 July 4-15 2008.

This is an interview with Rudi Renaldi, of the Communist Organization of Greece (KOE) who went to Nepal in June 2008 with a 35 member delegation. Red Star interviewed him about his visit to Nepal, his impressions and the communist movement in Greece. For recent interviews and analysis on Greece please visit Winter Has Its End.

Nepali Maoist Are Connected with the People

What was your main purpose for coming to Nepal?

We think that the Nepali Revolution is one of the most important revolutionary processes in the world.  After the big victory of Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) in the elections, an interest developed in the West  about what happens in Nepal. Before that, the media didn’t even mention Nepal, but when the Maoist won the election, they were obliged to state something. We have been supporting the Nepali people for along time, and it was natural for us to come and visit Nepal and have a face to face relationship with revolutionary forces here in Nepal.

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