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Kashmir: Wikileaks Exposes India Torture & U.S. Complicity

Posted by celticfire84 on December 21, 2010

The following from the British Guardian (December 16).

A leaked cable documents the Indian government torture in Kashmir. Photograph: Tauseef Mustafa/AFP/Getty Images

“In 852 cases, the detainees reported ill-treatment, the [Red Cross] said. A total of 171 described being beaten and 681 said they had been subjected to one or more of six forms of torture.

“These included 498 on which electricity had been used, 381 who had been suspended from the ceiling, 294 who had muscles crushed in their legs by prison personnel sitting on a bar placed across their thighs, 181 whose legs had been stretched by being “split 180 degrees”, 234 tortured with water and 302 ‘sexual’ cases, the ICRC were reported to have told the Americans.”

The central Indian government has long threatened and dominated people on India’s border regions. They invaded East Pakistan, they absorbed Sikkim, they have waged war on their borders with Pakistan and China, and they have engaged in intrigues within Sri Lanka, they have carried out relentless counterinsurgency against the people on their eastern borders.

Indian domination — through unequal treaties, political infiltration and economic weight — is one of driving concerns of the Maoist revolution in Nepal.

Now Wikileaks has provided a chilling insight into the ruthless and and brutal mechanisms of that Indian domination: the massive dump of U.S. government cables includes evidence of systematic torture by Indian forces in the occupied northern border region of Kashmir — where the people have long struggled for self-determination and independence.

The cables also reveal that the U.S. has had detailed knowledge of that Indian torture for years: The same U.S. government that has tortured its own Muslim opponents in a secret network of CIA prisons around the world turns a blind eye when its Indian ally carries out torture of Kashmir’s people on their own  soil.

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