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Jan Myrdal: On building international solidarity with the Indian revolution

Posted by redpines on February 14, 2012

Swedish author Jan Myrdal speaks in India

Jan Myrdal is a Swedish author who has written extensively on revolutionary communist movements worldwide, including works like his well-known Report from a Chinese Village (1963) as well as his recent book Red Star Over India.

He recently spoke in India at the Forum Against War on the People in New Delhi. What follows is the text of a speech Myrdal delivered at the Forum. Thanks to Democracy and Class Struggle for pointing this out. (Introduction by Joe). 

Let’s Stand Against the Indian State’s War on People

Forum Against War on People–Public Meeting, Rajendra Bhawan, DD Upadhya Marg, New Delhi, 6 February 2012

(The text of the speech of Jan Myrdal, internationally well-known writer for his support for the people’s movements world-wide)

Dear friends,

I want to say something on the international solidarity movement with the peoples of India.

We are here because there is an ongoing war against the peoples of India by the Indian state itself or – to put it more charitably – by dominant sections of the Indian state machinery. You as Indian citizens want to stop this war. I and other friends of India abroad are trying to organise an international solidarity movement with the people of India against the horrors of this war. Read the rest of this entry »

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