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Nepal: Reactionary parties oppose Maoist land legalizations

Posted by redpines on January 21, 2012

According to the following article, the Unified Communist Party of Nepal(Maoist) are legalizing land transactions that occurred during the People’s War period (1996-2006). It seems likely that many of these transactions involved the distribution or confiscation of land held by wealthy peasants. Nepal’s bourgeois parties seem bitterly opposed to this process, uniting to call the decision ‘autocratic’. The article originally appeared at myrepublica.

Maoists set to leaglise 5‚000 war time transactions

January 19, 2012

The “People’s Government” formed by Maoists during the decade-long insurgency had certified some 5,000 land transactions in the Salyan district alone, and the incumbent Maoist-led government is all set to implement it legally.

The all-party mechanism coordinated by Maoist Secretary Tikaram Oli had sent the records approved by the Maoist People’s Government in the district to the Land Reform Ministry through the District Land Revenue Office one year ago. Read the rest of this entry »

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Nepal – Squatters say “We Won’t Leave our Land”

Posted by hetty7 on December 19, 2011


In the world today we see occupations everywhere.  This is one in Nepal. It is an example of how huge numbers of  people are living and resisting. It also serves as a reminder that the revolution in Nepal still remains to be completed. 

This is from

Squatter Evacuation Stay Extended

“There are an estimated 12,000 landless squatters in the Kathmandu Valley, most of whom have settled along the Bagmati River.”


Kathmandu Dec. 12:

The Patan Appellate Court has extended the stay order issued against the government’s drive to evacuate squatters along the banks of Magmati river for another 35 days.

A joint bench of judges Ekraj Acharya and Satyaraj Gurung on Sunday issued an interim order directing the government to put any action against the squatters on hold till another 35 days.

A statement issued by the court states that the stay order was necessary to give an option to the settlers considering the substantial number of children, women, differently-abled and elderly people living in the community. Read the rest of this entry »

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