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Interview: An Inside Look at Maoist Strategy in India

Posted by Rosa Harris on March 29, 2008

farmernadigram.jpgThis is an interview with G.N. Saibaba, the Deputy Secretary of the Revolutionary Democratic Front (RDF), an All Indian Federation of Revolutionary People’s Organisations. He is 40 years old and was born in Andhra Pradesh, a state in southern India. The new Norwegian party Rødt [Red!] conducted this interview in early December when Saibaba was in Norway for the memorial service for Tron Øgrim. The interview was conducted in English. Thanks to the Fire on the Mountain blog for posting it.

Red!: If someone said to you that the Maoist movement in India is a marginal movement that is mainly operating in very backward, lowly populated areas, and it has been doing so for over thirty-five years without getting anywhere, what would be your answer?

Saibaba:The Maoist movement in India is not confined to the backward areas. It’s a vast movement, and includes the “developed” areas. Maoists work both in the countryside and the cities. The government says that the Maoists are active in 15 out of 28 states. And these include the major states. The Union Home Ministry says that 167 districts out total 600 districts in the country are covered by Maoists. This is a little less than 1/3 of India.

The Maoists in India follow the New Democratic Revolutionary method proved successful in China under the leadership of Mao. This method follows that the revolutionary movement must put priority on working in the areas where the state is weak. The Maoists work in the backward regions to smash the local reactionaries’ power and establish people’s power. They build revolutionary mass bases in these backward areas. This doesn’t mean that they don’t also work in the cities. In fact, in the Congress of the CPI (Maoist) held in January/February 2007, they decided to increase their work in the urban areas. They have produced a new document concerning work in the urban areas that analyses the work done in the last thirty years. This document sets out a strategy for developing the work in the urban areas.

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Sri Lankan Maoists’ Thousand Flowers: Editorial

Posted by Rosa Harris on February 28, 2008

lilikoiflower_sm.jpg Kasama has received a new theoretical journal “Thousand Flowers” created by Maoist forces in Sri Lanka. We plan to publish a few articles from it here online, and work with others to make the whole issue available. (Thanks to Maoist Revolution list.) Read over the table of contents and share with us which essays you think are most important to post and discuss.

Editorial from the First Issue of Thousand Flowers

Thousand Flowers is intended to train a new generation of revolutionaries in grasping and applying the science of Marxism-Leninism- Maoism as a foundation for building the Ceylon Communist Party-Maoist . The objective is to build a new leadership that can formulate and solve the concrete problems of the Sri Lanka revolution. Through critical analysis and discussion, Thousand Flowers hopes to charter the scientific theory, strategy and path of the Lankan revolution.

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