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Monsanto’s Zombie Crops in Vietnam

Posted by hetty7 on February 18, 2012

In November 2011, SAREV posted an article Monsanto’s Zombie Crops in Nepal.

Monsanto. one of the most widely hated corporations in the world, is working with USAID in Nepal  helping Monsanto sell its hybrid varieties of corn in urban and rural areas.

Now Monsanto is ready to sell GM crops and weed-killing chemicals in Vietnam. The Vietnamese are familiar with Monsanto. It is the creator of Agent Orange which the U.S. used during the Vietnam War and which is estimated to have  killed 400,000 people and deformed 500,000 people.

The Vietnamese are outraged.

This is from commondreams

Monsanto, Agent Orange Creator, Returns to Vietnam

Common Dreams Staff –  2/7/2012: Multinational agricultural biotech corporation Monsanto, known as the creator of chemical weapon Agent Orange, is attempting to infiltrate Vietnam once again – this time as GMO dealer. Read the rest of this entry »

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