Revolution in South Asia

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Nepal Teach-in

We need to gather materials here to prepare and inform the coming teach-ins on various college campuses.

  • Posters, preparatory documents, sample flyers and other materials will come here.

  • Contact us if you are planning teach-ins.

  • Contact us if you develop materials that should be shared.

Key essays to read

CPN(M) – Worker #11 (July 2007)


6 Responses to “Nepal Teach-in”

  1. Iris said

    I might have a discussion/party on Nepal at my house on May Day. My friends in the bakery at my work is making me a red cake with a white star: it says Solidarity With Our Nepalese Comrades (the guy taking the order was puzzled). The party goers are making banners and chalking for Nepal after a discussion of the events there. This will help alot.

  2. Mike E said

    A May First leaflet on Nepal is being finalized now by Kasama supporters in Chicago. The flyer will be available (in pdf, in english and spanish) sometime tomorrow. we will post it here (for use, and for critical discussion).

  3. Sam said

    Great, I’m going to a mayday party too.

  4. Iris said

    As Gangbox would say:


    lol ;)

  5. Timo said

    Have the teach-ins been happening?

  6. koldo said

    hi comrades:
    any info about nepal in spanish???.
    ML regards from Basque country.

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