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Nepal – Security Strategy for May 27th

Posted by hetty7 on May 27, 2012

The constituent assembly process has again failed to draft a constitution that would benefit the people of Nepal. The numerous  nationalities of the country have been left in the lurch, as the CA could not decide on a proper federal system to guarantee their rights. In response, Prime Minister Baburam Bhattarai is calling for new elections in November, while nearly every other political force in the country–including the revolutionary faction of the UCPN(M) is calling for him to step down.

The situation in Nepal is unstable again, and as the article below suggests, security forces, no doubt with blessings from India and the US, are installing measures to curtail any rebellion of the people. It seems clear now, that if there is a road to revolution in Nepal, it will not be through the Constituent Assembly process.

[Intro by Redpines] This article is from

New Security Strategy to be Enforced in Kim Valley for May 27

A new security strategy has been prepared to obviate possible risks during the period around the promulgation of the new constitution and also to maintain peace and security, RSS reports.

Organizing a press meet in the capital  on Tuesday, Metropolitan Police Commissioners Office said the strategy would be implemented in three phases.The implementation status of the new strategy would be reviewed every 15 days and strengthened as per the need said Spokesperson of the Office, Rabiraj Shrestha.

As per the security plan, 4677 security persons would be mobilized every day in the three districts of the Valley maintaining coordination among Nepali Police, Armed Police Force and other security bodies, he added.

The first phase of plan will come under operation from April 12 to 28th.

For the security in and around the Constituent Assembly building, three layers of security would be built up, Shrestha said, adding that security check at every entry point of Valley would be  beefed up.

Moreover, important locations across the Valley would be used, regular patrol arranged and campaigns launched in hotels, crime-prone areas and possible

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