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The Worker 11: Oppressed people of India and the world!

Oppressed people of India and the world! Rise up as a tide to smash Imperialism! Advance the Revolutionary war throughout the world!!

—The Call of the Unity Congress—9th Congress of CPI (Maoist)
Oppressed Nations and People of the World!

The Unity Congress — 9th Congress of the CPI(Maoist) hails all the just and democratic struggles waged by you against imperialism and all their running dogs worldwide, and against the domestic reactionaries in the countries of Asia, Africa and Latin America. You have been recreating history through your relentless and uncompromising struggle against the imperialist marauders, particularly the US imperialist monster in Iraq, Palestine, Afghanistan, Lebanon and elsewhere. Your heroic national liberation struggles have pushed the imperialists into a quagmire from which there is no escape. Peace-loving people of the world! We stand with all those who are waging struggles against imperialist aggression, interference, subversion and bullying, against the unjust wars unleashed by US imperialists against the world people in the name of “global war on terror”, and
against the neo-liberal policies imposed on the various countries by the imperialists and their agencies such as the World Bank, IMF, WTO and so on. This Congress of the CPI(Maoist), representing 1100 million people of India, asserts that we will always be on your side in your fight against imperialism, particularly US imperialism — the greatest international terrorist and No 1 enemy of the world people — and vows to intensify the people’s war in India to smash imperialism and its compradors ruling India. Let us unite ranks to smash imperialism worldwide and pave the way for establishing a classless society free of all exploitation and oppression.

Oppressed People and Nationalities of India!

The Unity Congress unequivocally supports all your just demands and struggles — struggles of the working class, peasantry, women, Dalits, adivasis, nationalities, religious minorities, students, youth, intelligentsia and all other oppressed sections of the Indian society who are suffering untold miseries in the oppressive semi-colonial, semi-feudal system dominated by imperialism, comprador bureaucrat capitalism and feudalism. The imperialist-sponsored policies of globalization, liberalization and privatization being pursued by the ruling classes are devastating your lives on a scale unheard of in post-1947 India. No matter which party is in power at the Centre or in the States, all have been aggressively pushing these policies in all spheres of the economy and the social life of the country.

The expansionist ruling classes of India, with the full support and blessings of imperialism, are unleashing the worst forms of violence and terror on the people of various nationalities. Kashmir, Assam, Manipur and Nagaland continue to bleed. Thousands of people are massacred by the Central paramilitary mercenaries and the Indian Army. This Congress reaffirms its whole-hearted support to all these nationality movements and their right to self-determination, including the right to secession. It supports the struggles of the people of South Asia against Indian expansionism and calls upon the Indian people to be in the forefront of the struggle against Indian expansionism.

Poor and landless peasant masses are the worst affected by the imperialist-dictated policies that are pushing thousands of them to commit suicide and pushing them to untold misery as a result of hunger and starvation. This Congress of the CPI (Maoist) calls upon the vast oppressed peasant masses to rise as a storm against these policies to sweep away their oppressors and establish their own people’s political power in every village.

Massive contracturalisation of labour, wage freezes, VRS, dismissals, curbs on recruitment, anti-labour Court judgments, de facto ban on strikes, etc. are increasingly leading to greater impoverisation of the entire working class.

Huge projects like Posco, Kalinganagar, bauxite mines in Orissa; Chargaon and Raoghat in Chattisgarh, bauxite mines and Polavaram project in AP, iron ore mines and uranium projects in Jharkhand are leading to massive displacement of adivasis and their marginalisation. Besides, the 300 planned SEZs [Special Economic Zones] are all set to create de facto foreign enclaves within our country with the foreign and local sharks geared up to grab lakhs of acres of prime agricultural land. Along with this, the ruthless demolition of slums and even permanent houses, and eviction of lakhs of people in urban centres is being undertaken to pave the way for big business and imperialist firms and retail chains. The 9th Congress calls on the adivasis, the peasantry and the urban poor to resist this massive displacement and protect their land, forests and houses from the plunderers and pillagers.

Imperialist and feudal culture has increased the exploitation and patriarchal oppression of
women on a massive scale. The so-called dowry deaths, increased sexual exploitation of women and the growing violence and discrimination, which the state and feudal and male chauvinist forces perpetrate, has led to a phenomenal increase in oppression of women. This Congress calls upon women to rise up against this exploitation, oppression and discrimination and assert their rights.

With greater Dalit assertion there has been a substantial increase in attacks on Dalits, together with the continuation of the inhuman practice of untouchability. This Congress hails the mass upsurge of the Dalits in the wake of the Khairlanji carnage and the desecration of Ambedkar statue in Kanpur and calls upon all Dalits to rally under the revolutionary banner to militantly resist these growing attacks and discrimination.

The students and youth of the country are facing a bleak future of unemployment, under-employment, cultural degeneration, careerism and desperation. The massive imperialist/CBB offensive has pushed lakhs of small industries and traders to bankruptcy. Likewise, other sections of the people also groan under the imperialist and feudal yoke. The 9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) calls upon students, youth and other sections to wage united struggle against the enemies of the Indian people and to join the revolutionary movement so as to create a new democratic society, which alone can solve the problems they face.

All of us, constituting the vast majority of the Indian population, must unite to wage militant struggle against the ever-tightening grip of the imperialists, particularly of the US, over every aspect of the life of the country. As the people of India valiantly resist the imperialist onslaught and the fascist attacks by the reactionary ruling classes of India, the CPI (Maoist) vows to firmly stand with them and lead them at all times. The Unity Congress — 9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) calls upon the Indian people to strongly condemn the aggressive war-mongering policies [of] US imperialism throughout the world and support the people’s resistance, particularly in Iraq, Afghanistan, Lebanon and Palestine.

The 9th Congress of the CPI (Maoist) finally calls upon the people of India to come forward in large numbers in support of the ongoing people’s war in the country and the emerging embryonic political power of the people, to widen and take ahead this struggle to build a truly democratic society built on justice and equality, free from the chains of imperialism and semi-feudal bondage!

Unity Congress (9th Congress) of the CPI (Maoist)

One Response to “The Worker 11: Oppressed people of India and the world!”

  1. Abram said

    La ligne de gauche de faite est tracée par la ‘campaigne’ politique ‘Le Socialisme ou La barbarie’. Ce dernier est identifié et exclu par :
    – Criminalisation par T.P.P.P. du fabrication des capitaux fictif ( 20 fois plus en 2005 que l’accumulation des capitaux réel )
    – Criminalisation des guerres et génocides.
    – Criminalisation du chômage de masse et les discriminations contre les peuples opprimés, de gendre contre les femmes, contre races ou ethnies.
    – Criminalisation des violations du principe de droits de l’homme et de la laïcité !
    Je vous invite à joindre à cet effort Européenne et Mondiale en indiquant votre représentant (provisoire) pour siéger dans le jury populaire du Tribunal des Peuples en Puissance Permanente qui dirige cet campaigne politique.
    le Président pour le ‘campaigne’
    du TPPP
    Abram Badal

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