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Nepal: Maoist Leader Prachanda Calls for Strong National Security Force

Posted by celticfire84 on February 20, 2011

PLA Maoist Soldiers in NepalBelow is a recent speech by Nepalese Maoist leader Pushpa Kamal Dahal, better known as Prachanda.

In this speech he details the monitoring of the PLA by the Special Committee (SC) which is a temporary body to oversee the integration of the two armies.

He praises the PLA for their discipline, and warns that “hurdles” remain ahead. This originally appeared in the Red Star, Feb 1-15, 2011 edition, available as a PDF here.

“Until the integration and rehabilitation concludes as per the provision of the CPA and interim constitution, the situation of one state two armies will continue as a matter of fact.

“We had written to the United Nations a five-point joint letter appealing for help by sending a peace mission. However, a situation was created due to which the UNMIN went back a few days ago before it performed the task for which it was called for.”

We want to build a strong national security force

The country is going through a serious political bend at present. Nepali people had taken part actively in the 10-year long great People’s War and 19-day historical united people’s movement with belief and aspiration of building new Nepal through radical transformation. As a result of struggle and sacrifice of the people, Republic has been established eliminating monarchy that had been ruling Nepal for 240 years. On this occasion, I pay heartfelt tribute to the great martyrs who sacrificed themselves and express my hearty respect to the disappeared fighters, injured and disabled.

The credit goes to you all also (PLA members, ed.) for your extremely great role to liberate Nepali people from the autocratic monarchy. You all have been playing your role to make the peace process a success by remaining disciplined, patient and courageous for four years since the peace process started as the way you played an essential role in the revolutionary movement. Our nation has come to the final stage of the transitional political situation. Until the integration and rehabilitation concludes as per the provision of the CPA and interim constitution, the situation of one state two armies will continue as a matter of fact.

We want to build a strong national security force by carrying out integration and rehabilitation. This is the historic need of the nation. To fulfill this objective, we are taking forward the process of army integration and rehabilitation. To ease this process along with the international support and conclude the peace process in a meaningful manner, we had written to the United Nations a five-point joint letter appealing for help by sending a peace mission. However, a situation was created due to which the UNMIN went back a few days ago before it performed the task for which it was called for. This had certainly created some confusion and hurdles. However, due to the fact that our party is fully committed to taking the overall peace process to its logical end, we reached a newer agreement with the government, and now we are here in this ceremony.

Maoist PLA Soldiers with a baby in Nepal

People also have serious doubts whether peace process reaches to the logical end, whether army integration and rehabilitation would be taken forward properly for building a capable national defense and whether the making of New Nepal would be taken forward through promulgation of a new constitution that enshrines people’s interest by Constituent Assembly), which will materialise their aspirations. For the formation of the Constituent Assembly, we have shed a lot of blood and sweat in the latest phase of Nepal’s history. We did all this struggle and sacrifice to make people’s constitution by the CA. We are firm in our commitment to making new constitution through the CA. Likewise, along with the challenges of building peace and constitution, we are faced with another challenge for protecting our national sovereignty. We are confident that we can deal with all these challenges with the unity of Nepali people, truly patriots and republican forces.

It is clear that we have always been ready to keep People’s Liberation Army under the Special Committee while remaining committed to the articles 146 and 147 of Interim Constitution-2007, Comprehensive Peace Agreement-2007 and Agreement on Monitoring of the Management of Arms and Armies-2007. This was generally announced by the first elected
government of Republic Nepal that was formed under our leadership. This program is being organized in a changed context to give a practical form to the previously declared plan. Several tasks related to completion of army integration and rehabilitation do still remain.

Those tasks, we feel confident, will be performed with the efforts of all, the political parties, masses of people, People’s Liberation Army and all the security organs including Nepal Army. I would like to thank to all the political parties, orgnisations, United Nations, UNMIN and friendly nations for their support for the peace process and constitution making process. Let me conclude my speech wishing fulfillment of our aspirations for peace, constitution and prosperous Nepal. Thank You.

This article is based on speech delivered on the occasion of handover of PLA to the Special Committee for Army Integration .

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