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Nepal: New State Power to Facilitate Continuous Revolution (2004)

Posted by artemi0 on April 5, 2010

Below is an excerpt from the document “Present Situation And Our Historical Task”  first published in  The Worker 9 (full document here) in 2004.  It elucidates views on the communist party, the peoples liberation army, and the future revolutionary state.

On the Experiences of History & Development of Democracy in the 21st Century

“Marxism is not lifeless dogma, not a completed, readymade immutable doctrine, but a living guide to action” -Lenin

The main essence of the teachings of Marxism-Leninism-Maoism is to advance ahead through continuous revolution by scientifically synthesizing world proletarian movement enriched by the great experiences of revolution and counter-revolution. In giving leadership to the democratic revolution against feudalism and imperialism in Nepal, our Party has been from the very beginning laying emphasis on applying the teachings of MLM, not in the form of dogma but in the form of creative application and development as a “guide to action”. In this great process of applying and developing the teachings of MLM based on the concrete condition of the Nepalese revolution, we have been waging continuous struggle against rightist revisionists as well as the dogmato-revisionists. The process of ideological struggle that is invariably linked with the necessity of class struggle has brought the People’s War to this level of development within the period of 7 years through one leap to another. The Party has already synthesized the discovery at “Prachanda-Path” as a special chain of ideas in the Nepalese revolution based on this development process of class struggle and ideological struggle.

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