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Nepal: UCPN(M) Calls for Unification of Armies

Posted by celticfire84 on December 31, 2010

Originally posted on the Red Star.

A People's Liberation Army soldier in Nepal

PLA and NA should be unified against invader

Kathmandu, Dec. 26: If UNMIN does not remain and armies are not unified, the entire nation will be pushed into conflict and at that time People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and Nepal Army (NA) will be on the same frontier putting arms on arms to fight against the invaders. There will be no options to be left before the Nepalese people than to resist it. These are the versions of UCPN-Maoist standing committee member Barsaman Pun Ananta in a telephone talk with the correspondent of Red Star fortnightly.

The complexity in situation is being created by the care taker government and the puppets of Indian power. The cause or unseen hand behind the curtain is clear; however, the remedy to get rid off it is still in debate. Only the unity of nationalist, progressive, leftist and the revolutionaries can resist successfully the inevitable invasion of foreign power.

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Dr. Binayak Sen’s Statement to the Court

Posted by celticfire84 on December 31, 2010

Free Binayaksen Campaign Poster

From International Campaign Against War on the People in India website.

Dr. Binayak Sen is a popular paediatrician in India, he is known as a “Barefoot Doctor”, a respected title citing the Maoist revolution in India. Sen has dedicated his work to the rural poor in India, including treating Maoist rebels. He was handed a life sentence in prison for sedition by the government of Chhattisgarh (a state in central India).

The Government of India has also attempted to bring sedition charges against noted author and activist Arundhati Roy for making statements in support of Kashmir autonomy and the Naxalite movement. The Communist Party of India (Maoist) has said in a recent statement “These judgments are the latest additions to the huge cache of anti-people, fascist repressive measures of the Indian ruling classes.” The CPI (Maoist) on has called for  a weeklong protests starting January 2nd, 2011 against “the fascist Chhattisgarh government’s court judgments.” For additionally information we urge readers to visit the campaign website for the immediate release of Dr. Binayak Sen. Below is Dr. Sen’s statement to the Chhattisgarh court. Read the rest of this entry »

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