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Wikileaks: Indian Minister Tells U.S. That Reintegrating Nepal Maoists Has Failed

Posted by Mike E on December 17, 2010

Nepal's Peoples Liberation Army

By Mike Ely

This is about our first tantalizing tidbit — emerging from Wikileaks about the revolution in Nepal. It is only one sentence in a cable dealing with other things. We don’t want to read too much into it, or treat it (standing alone) as something authoritative.

But we can now get a sense of what we may soon learn about the thoughts and intrigues of various powers against revolutionary change in South Asia.

This first Wikileaks mention of Nepal’s Maoist revolution appears in a January 2010 cable from the U.S. embassy in India (New Delhi) to the U.S. Secretary of State in Washington D.C.

It is from U.S. ambassador Timothy J. Roemer. And it contains notes on Special Envoy Holbrooke’s discussion of Afghanistan and Pakistan with Indian Foreign Secretary Nirupama Rao.

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Bangladesh: Climate Change Migrants On The Front Line

Posted by hetty7 on December 17, 2010

bangladesh climate change migrant

This article is from

In Dhaka half a million immigrants arrive in the city each year.  This article gives a brief picture of their lives.

The Climate Change Migrants


December 4 2010 – Nature has never made it easy to live in Bangladesh.  The country is situated in the low-lying Ganges Delta formed by the confluence of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna rivers. Most of the land is less than 10 metres above sea level. It is a country swamped by annual floods, with a coast battered by cyclones and tornadoes, yet an interior subject to drought at times. With nearly 150 million inhabitants, Bangladesh is also the most densely-populated country on the planet. As warnings about climate change grow in intensity, Bangladesh is forecast as the scene of increasing numbers of climate migrants .

In low-lying areas, it is not unusual to be knee-deep in water during the flood season – some local crops, such as rice, depend on rising waters. But floods are becoming more extreme and unpredictable. Crops have been totally destroyed; livestock lost

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Bhattarai Tells Students To Be Ready For Stir

Posted by celticfire84 on December 17, 2010

“If the nation does not get a new constitution, the country will take a new turn and revolt will be a must.”

This was reported in The Himalayan.

KIRTIPUR: UCPN-M Vice Chairman Baburam Bhattarai today directed students aligned to his party to be ready of another protest.

Addressing the students in the closed-door session of the 18th National Convention of All Nepal National Independent Students’ Union-Revolutionary (ANNISU-R), the student wing of the Unified CPN-Maoist today, Bhattarai said if anybody tried to obstruct the constitution-drafting and peace processes, students would have to unite to launch a revolt.

“Like in the past, students should be on their toes to lead any kind of protest against regressive forces,” said the vice chairman.

“If the nation does not get a new constitution, the country will take a new turn and revolt will be a must.”

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