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Interview: Subash Pokharel, a Leading Gay Activist in Nepal

Posted by irisbright on March 21, 2009

Sunil B Pant, head of the blue diamond society and the first gay elected official in Nepal

Sunil B. Pant of the Blue Diamond Society and the first openly gay elected official in Nepal

Ben Peterson, of Australia, is currently traveling in Nepal, writing reports of what he learns about the revolutionary movement and the people of Nepal on his blog, Lal Salam – Revolution in the Himalayas. We will be sharing some of his reports. Posting them on Kasama does not mean we endorse his analysis. We do applaud the revolutionary enthusiasm that shines through his decision to dive right into Nepal’s revolutionary turmoil![Kasama has made minor editorial changes for clarity — mainly fixing typos and few missing words.]

Interview with Subash Pokharel, coordinator of the Blue Diamond Society

[March 17, 2009] Interview with Subash Pokharel, co-ordinator of the Blue Diamond Society conducted by Ben Peterson Lal Salam blog interviewed Subash Pokharel of the Blue Diamond Society last week. The Blue Diamond Society is the largest LGBTI (lesbians, gay men, bisexuals, transgender and intergender people- I think that’s the correct terminology- apologies if it isn’t) rights organisation in Nepal and were good enough to speak with us about the situation in their community.

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