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Ferment in Nepal: A Dynamic Vortex of Revolutionary Change

Posted by Mike E on April 10, 2009

The following report appeared in LINKS. Kasama post materials that are of interest, but such posting does not mean endorsement of the specific analysis.

By Bill Templer,

January 3, 2009 — One remarkable laboratory that discussion in much of the world’s progressive press tends to neglect is the dynamic vortex of revolutionary change in Nepal. Since spring, Nepal has something that may be making genuine history: a Maoist people’s movement, that, led by the CPN (Maoist), and the struggle of the People’s Liberation Army over a decade, has come to state power through the ballot box. As Tufts University historian Gary Leupp wrote last April:

“It ought to be the ballot heard ’round the world. It ought to be front page news. […] This moment may in the not distant future be seen as another 1917, another 1949.”[1]

Leupp has been one of the very few in the left media in the geopolitical North to call attention to this momentous change, and its current developments, albeit with little echo. Editors of some well-known journals refuse to consider an article that mentions Maoism, however contemporary, in a favourable light.

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Video: TV Report on Indian Counter-Insurgency

Posted by Mike E on April 10, 2009

Thanks to Naxalite Maoist India blog.

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