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India’s Naxalbari Group: New Polemic on Nepal and the RCPUSA

Posted by n3wday on April 18, 2009

Communist_Party_Nepal_Flag_FistThis article was sent out on the Maoist Revolution e-list and was published in the Indian journal Munnaniporali, which is associated with the Communist Party of India (ML) (Naxalbari).

The Line Struggle in Nepal

Ideology guides a Maoist party. This must be concretised through politics. For example, in an oppressed country the Maoists must carry out the task of new democratic revolution, destroying imperialist domination and the comprador, feudal forces. This is an ideological stand. It is concretised in different countries through political practice carried out by taking into account the situation and changes in it. Within this, protracted peoples war is the most important. But war is not the only political practice. In the present world, where the political realm has widened to a great extent, political intervention carried out through diverse forms of struggle has great importance. The recognition of this factor and its utilisation stand to the credit of the Maoists in Nepal.

Through the political tactics of ceasefire, participation in the interim ministry, and demand of constitutional assembly they succeeded in isolating the monarchy and ending it. This has led to a new situation. If new tactics are not adopted the party will deviate from the task of new democracy. Yet the leadership is not prepared for taking up this task. This is what has led to the present ideological struggle in the CPN(M).

Overall, this criticism is correct. But since the recent tactics have been justified in relation to the specificities of Nepal and its national needs, they should also be examined from the angle of the opposites patriotism/internationalism.
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