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Peterson: Showdown Intensifies Between Old Elite & a New Nepal

Posted by Mike E on April 26, 2009


We have received the following eyewitness report from Ben Peterson who has been traveling through Nepal. The original title of his essay is “Nepal: Elite revolt threatens democracy.” Ben’s reports are gathered on his own blog Lal Salam. Kasama posts this because it is of interest. As always, posting does not apply an agreement with the analysis.

“Suresh Kumar Ale Maga, a UNCP-M member of parliament [says that] for the Maoists, a New Nepal meant “a Nepal on the way to socialism”. 

“Following its victory in the by-elections on this program, the UCPN-M has pressed ahead with plans to restructure the state. The existing structures, inherited from the monarchy, have proved resistant to change. This has sparked fierce resistance from the opposition, the foreign embassies and the army. This has put the ongoing peace process, as part of which the PLA agreed to end its armed struggle, in jeopardy.”

“Facing attacks from various sides, the Maoists have responded with ongoing, daily street demonstrations across the country. The core issue is the need for control by the elected government over the state, with its entrenched bureaucracy.”


by Ben Peterson, from Kathmandu (25 April 2009)

Less than two weeks after the Unified Communist Party of Nepal-Maoist (UCPN-M) won by-elections in six constituencies across Nepal, it is facing fresh resistance by the old elite.

The elite is seeking to stop the UCPN-M-led push for a “New Nepal”. This has included front-page exposures of a coup plot to overthrow the elected Maoist-led government.

The centre of the storm is the moves, begun on April 19, by the Maoist-led coalition government to remove the Chief of Army Staff Rookmangud Katawal.

This follows a long dispute between the military high command and the elected civilian government. Katawal has refused to implement government instructions.

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