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Two Maoist Groups in Bhutan

Posted by Mike E on June 22, 2008

Two different groups have been reported in the small Himalayan country of Bhutan. Both are called the Communist Party of Bhutan (MLM) — one led by Vikalpa and the other led by Birat. There are encampments of Bhutanese refugees in eastern Nepal where Bhutanese Maoist forces are emerging . Others seem to be operating within Bhutan itself.

The following article appeared in the newspaper People’s War  on June 6, 2008.

Bhutanese Maoists start armed revolt with serial blasts

Birtamod, June 7th: Vikalpa led Communist Party of Bhutan (Marxist Leninist – Maoist) (CPB – MLM), formed in 2001, marked the start of armed revolt against autocratic Bhutanese regime with twin blasts, one near Samtse and another near the Damchen Petroleum depot near Phuentsholing in Chukha on June 5. “We are proud to initiate the armed people’s war to eradicate the regime”, quoted a release issued by party general secretary Vikalpa.

The party also confirmed the death of one of its active cadres in Chukha, declaring him the first martyr of people’s war. CPB (MLM) also said that the team commander Chandra Raj Rai alias Khandu, arrested by the security, has been undergoing treatment in the Samtse General Hospital.

The police recovered leaflets and documents of CPB (MLM), and also arrested Chandra Raj Rai from the scene reported Indian media quoting Royal Bhutan Police. However, the government mouthpiece Kuelsel has not yet reported the serial blasts by cadres of CPB (MLM).

Vikalpa led CPB (MLM) started the people’s war when another fraction led by Birat is agitating against third country resettlement program.

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